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HTC 10 Review: Flagship From HTC, Should Released Before Itself

HTC 10, the latest flagship model from the HTC, comes with excellent configuration and chiseled design from the HTC, makes the device to deliver an excellent quality for the end users. The device comes with brilliant audio technology  like its predecessors and also allows the users to customize the user interface of the device, without rooting the device. 

The device coupled with dual speaker, and some sort of software technology that makes the device more unique and fantastic in nature. The device looks pretty impressive and also few things, that elevate the device to some level of improvement while compared to its predecessors.

Design: HTC 10 comes with an eye catching rear case made up of aluminum. The polished angular edges add an aesthetic look for the device, and solid body of the device makes the device more solid to feel it in hand. While compared to the previous model which comes with dual front facing speaker, HTC comes with a little tweak in its design, the device comes with one speaker grille on the top of the device and another one in the bottom of the device. HTC also incorporated fingerprint sensor in the device, which adds one additional point to the device. By incorporating fingerprint sensor in the device, the company offers an extra security for the users.

Software: HTC 10 powered with Android 6.0 Marshmallows with HTC Sense UI over it. Rather than Google Play Music, Photos and Chrome, the device has not used any software provided from the Google Inc in its latest update. Thanks to HTC’s Sense User Interface, the number of bloatware has been drastically reduced in the device. Apart from this, even you can stop syncing of your photos to cloud services and save your data connection too. The device comes with lots of customization, when compared to other smartphones currently available in the market.

Sound: As we all know, HTC will concentrate more on its Audio segment, None of the device can beat HTC audio technology and in HTC 10, the company brand the audio technology as “Boom Sound”. With dual speaker, the audio quality of the device is more than Mesmerizing. With a perfect headphone bud, the audio quality of the device is very very thin and sharper than the Apple iPod. The bass quality is stunning and makes one to become more curious for listening music on the device.

Performance: The device equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor, and comes with the clock cycle of 2.2 GHz, which is comparatively higher than Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5. The combination of 4GB RAM and S820 processor makes the device more efficient and also launches the application more quicker than other devices. Even graphics-heavy games are performing very well without any bit of lagging.

Camera: HTC 10 comes with 12 Ultrapixel camera, allows the users to take a perfect shot with the help of larger pixels. Autofocus and tap-focus works quite well in this device, and moreover the device has a brightness feature in the camera menu, which allows users to adjust the brightness level properly. The optical image stabilization presents in the rear as well as the front camera gives blurless images on the screen. Apart from this, quicked selfies and snapshot in this device is somewhat better while compared to other devices available in the market.

Apart from this, the device comes with,

Stay Tuned with Tampa Bay Review for Detailed Review of HTC 10.

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