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Huawei P9 looks an exact copy of iPhone; Camera is good

Huawei P9 is not just any smartphone; it is the closest thing that you can get on Android as similar to an iPhone. In fact, let me call it an exact copy of iPhone. What makes things interesting here is the fact that apart from being functionally similar, the device looks exactly like the latest iPhone in the market. A few of the almost similar attributes include the fingerprint sensor, the elimination of the mechanical home button, the similar sort of antenna bands and even the pentalobe security screws.

Huawei P9 also made an effort to match the iPhone on the levels of camera. But as it seems, it has failed miserably to match it out. But there is no doubt of the fact that P9 has some good features when it comes to cameras. For P9, Huawei partnered with Lecia, a top optics and camera manufacturer of the world. In fact, Lecia has also confirmed that they have worked with Huawei in certain parts of the camera making it something to look forward to.

Let us focus of the Camera UI first. It is simple, sleek with a capture button, a button to toggle to video and a camera roll button. Apart from it, you can easily control the flash, aperture modes and the toggle between the primary and the secondary cameras. The stand out factor about the Huawei P9 is its dual camera that simply allows you to take a snap of any and everything that you want. The aperture mode also allows you to focus on multiple points in one single shot and hence allowing you to take multiple shots with instant refocusing.

Another interesting feature about the Huawei P9 Camera is the dedicated monochrome sensors. This is unlike the other black and white filters that are preset and you cannot change them. Here in you can set the monochrome that you want and work with them accordingly. Thus far, this is possibly the best solution for the people who wish to take snaps on the go on their smartphones.

You swipe right and you will land on to settings, which in fact is the gallery of options that you wish to have. Here you will find that Lecia Film mode that will allow you to take snaps in literally each and every vignette you want. So for all the instagram lovers, this is your game.

One of the major issues surrounding the Huawei P9 is its tendency to heat up for specific actions. As in case of the camera, there are certain modes that will also heat up the device. The situation is the same as in case of playing high definition games or watching movies.

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