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Huawei P9 Review: The Pocket DSLR Camera, gives you a perfect shot

Huawei’s P9 is the upcoming Huawei model that will be the flagship of the Huawei P series. It will be the 4th P series model. In this article, I shared the detailed review on Huawei P9. 

Release, Price and Date:

It is declared that 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage variant of Huawei P9 will be launched during mid April for the rate of 569 Euros in Europe and £449 in the UK. Till now no US pricing is announced, but from the inspection of the other country prices it seems US price will be something near $680. It will be available in Europe only as a single SIM variant and that also in gray and silver colors only, while only Vodafone is eligible to sell the golden color variant. Other than this standard version, the upgraded version will also be released sometime after the initial launch.

Upgraded model will have a higher internal storage and a bigger display. The Huawei P9 Plus model will be available at the rate of 699 euro in Europe and £600 in UK. Though nothing is declared official, another model exists at least at the rumor level, namely Huawei P9 Lite. The rumor story behind this model says that it was chosen to be released in the mid April event, but due to some undue circumstances it was detained. However, this model is now appearing on a retail site in Europe at the rate of $300.


A full HD LCD panel is used by the 5.2 inch display of the model. Overall the display provides a good measure of sharpness, reasonable contrasting and saturations, higher resolutions, brighter display. There is no OLED display in the initial variant, but there is one in the Plus variant. However, one of the display drawbacks is that it is not energy efficient. Further, it’s also do not offer “always on” functionality like that of some other Smartphone models, for example, take the case of LG G5 or Galaxy S7.

Design and Build:

Just like its predecessor Huawei P9, the upcoming model, Huawei P9 will also be of the same size, i.e. 5.2 inches. The handset weighs only 144g which is in fact lighter than most other Smartphone handsets. Some special features of Huawei P9 include sandblast finish in the rear and aluminum uni-body in order to give the handset a grease free look along with a cool touch. More or less the handset is almost same with the previous model except a few inclusions in the back such as two integrated Leica cameras above the fingerprint sensor. The Leica is a renowned camera manufacturer. The Huawei – Leica collaboration is represented by a big Leica logo.


Though the phone is thinner than most other handsets, it is powered by a 3000 mAh battery. However, the battery is non replaceable.

Operating System:

Some notable changes are done to the genuine Android settings such as the settings, both quick settings and home screen settings are structured differently. The backup and energy management features integrated into the system are quite interesting. The rest is more or less same as an Android operating system.

Special features:

Special features such as gesture control is added in this version. Gesture control works for both display and finger print system here. For configuring gesture in finger print you will get the option in menu button.

From the overall view, it seems some positives of the model are longer battery life, fabulous reception performance and quality photos, while some of the negatives are distorted image and usability restriction due to automatic aggressive power saving mode.

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