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Death toll on the rise as Alberta takes on the Influenza hit

Alberta Health Services have clearly stated that it is time to take the Influenza seriously as the death toll is already up to five. The breakout of influenza in Alberta has already resulted in the death of a kid as well in the past one week. The Alberta Health Services has asked the people to keep themselves at bay from the disease. At this point, it is not just about protecting one’s own self or his or her close ones. It is basically about protecting everybody near you.

Five people dead, including a kid in a span of a week is a quite a reason to take things seriously. According to a statement released by the Alberta Health Services, “We’re in the early stages of the outbreak and it’s not too late to get your vaccine”. According to the reports, there are more that 280 confirmed cases of influenza. This cannot just be a mild flu season. If the required steps are not taken, things might just turn nasty in the future.

Senior Medical Officer at AHS, Dr. Predy said on Thursday, “Not only are you protecting yourself, you’re protecting those around you plus you are helping people access the health care system because during our annual influenza outbreaks, hospitals get busier, emergency rooms get busier, and it is a preventable illness.”

The doctors at AHS believe that it is high time to take into consideration the act of vaccination of the people of Alberta, guarding them against the influenza. AHS has acquired approximately about 1.8 million doses of the vaccine and is looking forward to vaccinate the individuals around the region soon. The vaccines are available at all AHS clinics and people should take the vaccine just to stay on the safe side. In case of such outbreaks, an average death toll is 300 individuals, which the AHS wants to change this time.

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