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iOS 10: 10 Things to Expect in iOS 10

Apple’s new operating system iOS 10 is awaiting its announcement. As per reports, it is expected that the iOS 10 will be made available and will be downloadable from the end of September 2016 only. However, the beta version of iOS will be available for registered developers and the public after the announcement at WWDC. 

It is obvious that the iOS 10 will come with loads of expectations from customers. Mentioned below are 10 attractive features, which can be expected in iOS 10.

1.      Deeper and better 3D Touch Integration – The iPhone 6S has the 3D Touch hardware feature, but iOS 9 could not exploit the best from the hardware. The iOS 10 is expected to have deeper 3D Touch Integration, which can help in solving the complex problem of the iOS settings menu. The iOS 10 can easily explore the functionalities of 3D Touch Integration in a much better manner.

2.      iOS 10 compatibility – The compatibility factor of iOS 10 will be a thing to check for sure. In iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th generation and iPad 2, iOS 8 and iOS 9 are used and legacy support is offered for these models only. The latest versions of iOS have been designed so that it can run on devices with just 512 RAM; though iOS 9 is exceptional as it works on devices with 2GB RAM. iOS 10 might have a minimum requirement of 1GB RAM as per speculations.

3.      Custom Control Center – The Custom Control Center is a loved feature in iOS as various kinds of functions can be easily controlled tweaked and managed on one page. iOS 10 should provide more flexibility in using the Custom Control Center so that things can be managed as per our needs. There should be options for removing and slotting settings.

4.      Default apps – iOS 10 should allow setting default apps on our own. This has been a demand for long, but Apple has not paid much heed to it. For instance, there should be the option of setting Outlook as the primary email service, Google Maps as navigation app and Google Play Music as music app.

5.     Improved mail – If you are looking for traditional email services, the default email app from Apple is all you need. However, innumerable third party mail apps are available which are way better than an Apple email app. With other apps, replying and sorting emails is easy, quick and flexible. In iOS 10, we are expecting the mail app to be capable of doing more than it now can!

6.      Smarter Siri – If our guesses are right Siri will be given a facelift too, and will become a more integral part of iOS 10. New functionality of Apple’s assistant is being worked upon including the Siri’s ability to take calls and transcribing any voice messages etc. With Google Now On Tap, Siri will be informed of the actions that are being done on the phone. Siri is integrated with iOS 9 and is sure to become better in iOS 10.

7.      Multi user support – Offering multi user support is a new feature that we assume will come packed with Apple’s new OS iOS 10. This is will come in handy with iPads allowing the whole family to be able to use one device. The ability of switching between different Apple ids on a single iPad would be great and iOS 10 can hopefully help with that.

8.      Manual camera control options – Apple has amazing approach for mobile photography through which priceless moments can be captured. But it is believed that there are some moments which need proper framing and tweaking. The Pro mode has been inserted by many manufacturers, who is looking for manual camera control options. Hopefully iOS 10 has the same as well.

9.       NFC device pairing – Though the NFC technology is present in the last two generations of the iPhone, yet its full potential is not exploited. With iOS 10, it is possible to explore the full potential of the same and implemented in various ways.

10.  Orientation and cache bugs – The iPhones and iPads come with some limitations and bugs and hopefully these will be solved with iOS 10 update. Orientation flaws and caching are the major problems, which should be made ok with iOS 10.

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