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iOS 10 Rumor Roundup: 6 Things You Need to Right Now

It is highly anticipated that the Cupertino giant, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) will release its next version of Operating system in the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. Yes, there are tons of rumors were stating that Apple iOS 10 will sprout in a few months. From the rumors, I can suggest that Apple iOS 10 doesn’t come with major design overhaul, since previous versions of iOS almost comes with less design changes. Apart from this, it is highly expected that the iOS 10 will unveil with various significant improvements and features. 

It is highly rumored that iOS 10 will come with the Apple Music redesign, a standalone HomeKit app, an iCloud Voicemail system and also an ability to hide default applications from the screen.

Hide Default Stock Applications: Last month back, AppAdvice, a technology blog reported that iTunes metadata consists of two new keys namely “isFirstParty” and also “isFirstPartyHideableApp”. These two boolean flags represent whether the application is a First Party application and also whether the application can be hideable or not. For the past couple of weeks, the information appearing in each and every application that are available in the Apple App Store. Metadata of an application consists of various information regarding the release date of an application, application version, category of application and so on. From those two boolean flags in metadata, we can clearly understand that Apple has planned to integrate the ability to hide the default stock application in upcoming iOS 10. The current version of the operating system doesn’t allow the users to hide pre-installed 30 applications. This forces the company to bring out a new option in the upcoming operating system.

Stand-Alone Homekit App: Homekit is an IOT framework that allows the device to connect with various products in your home or in your office. By using Homekit App, Apple allows the application developers to develop an application that allows the users to connect with their home devices. The Homekit will help the developer to connect Siri and IOT applications with its pre-defined framework.

iCloud Voicemail System: BusinessInsider reported that, Apple has been in the process of testing voicemail services, which will use Apple’s Siri to take control of voicemail messages. This feature allows the users to send transcribed voice mail using iCloud Voicemail and also allows the Siri to answer automatically, if you’re unable to answer the call. Hypothetically, Siri will answer the caller the reason why you’re not attending the caller such as “I’m in a meeting” or “I’m in Movies” and so on.

Apple Photos Additional Features: According to MacRumors, Apple has also planned to upgrade the features present in Apple Photos app. Still the features are unknown. The rumors were saying that features in iPhoto might gain functions with the upgrades. Also, rumor sources were saying that Apple might implement touch based control for adjusting brightness and contrast of an image.

Upgrade for Apple Pay: We all know that Apple will be upgrading its Apple Pay payment services in its upcoming operating system. It is highly anticipated that Apple Pay will be soon supported in online e-commerce portals, and also in mobile versions of various Apple Pay supported native applications.

Revamped Apple Music: Along with the above mentioned information, Apple has also planned to redesign the Apple Music and also it is highly expected that the company will announce the redesign at The WWDC.

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