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iOS 10 vs iOS 9: 24 Amazing iOS 10 Features You Should Know Right Now

We have taken a deep look into the most exciting features of iOS 10 which is likely to come in September, and it is planned for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Some of the older models also will get the update. 

Our iOS 10 versus iOS 9 comparisons will help you to give a clear look at what cool new features iOS 10 has got.

Read on to know the list of new features in iOS 10.

Messages, Emojis & Features: In iOS 10, you can find all new messaging experience with changes to emoji, application access and all sorts of upgrades to the way you communicate with others, even with an invisible ink option. You can send handwritten messages, inline video playing options, make use of emoji prediction where the sizes of the emojis are thrice in the transcript. There are new effects called Bubbles which allows you to shout or whisper when you want to send a message and the screen animations are very impressive. To spice up the messaging even more, you can doodle; draw on the pictures by selecting from your gallery, when someone shares something awesome, you can also send back reply with a tap-back by tapping on message to share a special short reply.
Lock Screen: The lock screen of the iOS 10 on the phone looks much better than the iOS 9. In the latter OS, you tend to miss the notifications when you press the home button to turn the screen on Touch ID. But in iOS 10 there is a raise to wake option. Slide left to get the Widgets from Notification Center, slide right in the camera and slide up the phone to know what is going on. The lock screen is also semi-transparent, also is easy to respond to the notifications.
Control Center Upgrades: Now that there are specific pages to access music controls and other home automation controls in a standalone screen, you just have to swipe right. You can now 3D Touch the apps at the bottom of the Control Center. This lets you change the intensity of the flashlight, set a timer, copy your calculator result and choose what kind of camera feature you want to use.
3D Touch Upgrades: There are improved 3D Touch options with which you can use 3D Touch to open up a widget that shows you the most important information based on what you are likely looking for.
Siri Upgrades: Your personal assistant now can make photo searches, transfer money to your friend, send messages in apps, etc., because it has gained access to the third parties.
Better Keyboard: The keyboard upgrade that Apple is delivering in this update is also in the part of the enhancement of the Siri’s AI. This means, even if you type with a lot of mistakes, the auto correct and Siri is going to get it right, almost every word. The new keyboard is also better in predictions and is handy. The keyboard is also multilingual where you don’t even have to switch between keyboards.
Individual Read Receipts: iOS 10 gives you an option whether or not to send your read receipts. You can switch it off or on for a specific conversation. This wasn’t available in iOS 9 and this will definitely be a hit in the recent release.
Photos Upgrades: Users who love to take Live Photos can now edit the Live Photo without losing the live portion. In iOS 9 editing a Live Photo warn users that this will remove the motion and sound, but in iOS 10 you can correct the color and other edits and keep the Live portion. With the delivery of facial and screen recognition, one can easily search a person or a scene. In the new Memories tab, you can save all the important photos and vidoes.
Delete Stock Apple Apps: The annoyance of the stock apps has come to an end with the option of freeing 100MB space. All you have to do is long press the stock app that you want to remove and press, X. You can redownload from the store whenever you want.
Maps Updates: iOS 10 has made the maps usage much better than iOS 9. The maps suggest better routes with an improved form of a visual standpoint and we like that you can search alongside the route that you are taking.
Apple Music Upgrades: The cleaner and a focused look of the redesign makes Apple Music easier to use. The streamlining service is also simplified.
Home App & Kit: This feature makes you use your connected home, easier. The backlights, locks, thermostat, other manageable controls at one stop. Jump into the Favorite scenes to manage your home using HomeKit compatible accessories which you can link together.
Phone and Voicemail Upgrades: In iOS 9 we can only listen to the voice mail, but now in iOS 10 we get the dictated summary message on the voice mail. The Phone app can also let you know if a call is likely spam using third-party apps that can hook into the default phone app for the first time.
Notifications Improvement: Now you can handle almost all the notifications in the notification bar without even having to go to the particular app. Tap on the notification to view it, reply to it, or even view the photo, watch the video that you have received. We can also clear the notifications faster than before.
Parking Assistant: This new feature automatically connects to the Maps and to alert you on the whereabouts of your car parked.
Wake Up Alarm: Apart from the alarm clock, we have this option, to notify when to wake up for a consistent sleeping experience that should lead to better rest at night.
Mail Upgrades: You see the new component on the left below corner, which lets you filter the unread mails from the read mails. There is also an unsubscribe option to leave the mailing links list.
WiFi Upgrades: The new features include the summary of the WiFi Connections and warning when you connect to unsecured networks.
Draw On Photos: This is nothing new but an additional feature where you can edit a picture and draw colors on that, add texts, save it. This is available under Photos app there is now a Markup option that is tucked under the three dots for more editing options.
Share Notes: If you are the one to keep track of everything in the Notes App, iOS 10 Notes app now supports sharing notes and collaborating on notes inside the app.
Storage Optimization: If you have soundtracks on your iPhone that you hardly listen to, those will be removed by the iOS 10. Go to Settings -> Music -> Optimize -> On and then choose how much space you want the iPhone to keep free.
Color Filters: New option in iOS 10 is ColorBlind for the users who have trouble with colors differentiating. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations -> Color Filters there are new settings for users to control.
Split View in Safari: With iOS 10 you can load up a split view of two web pages in iOS 10 at the same time. It is possible to move a tab from one side to the other. You can open up two Safari windows next to each other with an address bar, tabs and bookmarks in each.
SmartPhone Hub: In iOS 9, Apple TV acted as a tool to remotely connect to the home automation gadgets. But if you install iOS 10 on all your Apple devices, you can use it as a hub. If you routinely leave your iPad at home, it can act as the hub to control your devices when you are mobile with your iPhone. You need to pair up the Home app with the accessories that support HomeKit.

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