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iOS 9: 14 Tips And Tricks Of iOS 9 You Want To Know

Rather than spending money on apps and accessories to make the best out of your phone, follow these tips and tricks of iOS 9, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.3 to unveil the full potential of your Apple device. 

Some of these tricks and tips require the newer device to seize it, but normally it should work on all iPhone and iPad devices. The beauty here is, you have it all under the settings tab in your phone, but you just don’t know it. Here is the list of tips and tricks.

Call and Text shortcuts: If you are an iOS 9 user, with just a tap on the new search page to the left of your home screen, click on a contact and get the call or message option. That’s it. Quick and easy.

Night Mode: You can enable the Night Mode in your phone if your device is updated to iOS 9.3. Just go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Night Mode. Turn it on to save the strain of your eyes by looking at a brighter screen.

Secured Notes: If you are at one who keeps track of everything pretty much using Notes, then you can as well protect it in case you jot down any private thoughts or notes. Just after you have created a note and finished typing, click on Share and then lock it. When doing for the first time, it will prompt you to enter a new password which will be used for all the notes and their unlocking process. So you better not forget the password in the process of protecting all those notes.

Photo Duplication: Until iOS 9 was in our hands, we weren’t able to edit a photo and still keep the original. Well, not anymore. You can edit a still photo and save the modified as well as the original one intact. Tap on the photo you want -> tap Share -> tap on Duplicate and then tap on Duplicate or Duplicate as a Still Photo

All Rounder Notes App: Well, Notes app is now just not about taking notes in text format, but you can also draw on a note, and if a note is associated with a photo or a hyperlink you can add them as well in the note. You can add a photo to Notes by tapping the camera icon in the Notes app. To create a to-do list you can type on the + icon and then click on the checkmark icon and start creating your list.

Power Saving Mode: You don’t have to enter the battery saving mode only when the device prompts you if the battery is low. You can save it manually by going to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > ON. Make your battery last longer when needed by doing so.

High Quality Music on LTE: Just go to Settings > Music > High Quality on Cellular. Comes in handy when you don’t have to depend on WiFi for high quality always.

Siri at your Service: You can always seek help from your personal assistant to remind you of events. Just say, “Siri, remind me about this” by opening a webpage, event, date, location, anything and it will add that specific item to your reminders and pop up with a link to that item at the right time or place.

Hide the photos: You want to hide some photos from your friend who has been nothing but a pryer of your gallery? Well, click on the photos that you want to hide and then click on Share icon, then click on Hide icon. Job = Done.

WiFi Assist: Turn this feature on to find out if the current connected WiFi connection is poor and to drop it out and switch back to LTE mode automatically. Just go to Settings -> Cellular -> Scroll all the way to the bottom -> WiFi Assist -> On.

Hiding Apps: This feature is more powerful as it is you who get to control the display of the apps when your phone is subject to jump from one hand to the other. So to do so, go to Settings -> General -> Spotlight Search -> Uncheck the apps you don’t want in the Spotlight.

Use 6 digit Passcode: Earlier, Apple used to support only a 4 digit passcode now the lock password technology has progressed a bit more introducing you a 6 digit passcode to enable a lock on your lockscreen, go to Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Double Click Home Button -> On

Apple News Customized: Customize the news that you want to see in your Apple News feed by picking out your favorite topics, signing up for a subscription using your email id too.

Search in Settings: We too often get confused in the Settings menu by searching for a particular topic as to where it is categorized. Now it has been made easy, you just have to type the keyword, see the suggestions it pulls down and get into the right one.

Find your unknown caller: Even if you normally use the Gmail app or another app to read your email, you have to try to link it to the default Apple Mail app in iOS 9. The new features include the ability to link an incoming call from an unknown number to an email message so that it can tell you who is calling you.

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