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iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak: Aware of Fake Jailbreak, which may Compromises your iPhone

Apple has recently released its update for iOS, iOS 9.3.1. If you have updated your device to the same, then definitely you would have gone through – how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.1. Then, here is the bit of information you might require. The main thing to be considered before Jailbreak your device is to verify whether the Jailbreak method is a real one or just a scam. 

Jailbreaking Apple Inc’s (AAPL) iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus would be awesome as it will give you more control over your smartphone with many unofficial apps, tools and customizations. However, there are several con people who always managed to make a good fortune by squeezing money from newbie iPhone jailbreak enthusiasts. One important thing you should know is, nowadays, whatever new names for the jailbreak tool you see on the web (except PanGu or TaiG) are SCAMS. Some examples of fake jailbreak tools are: Ra1n, RedRa1n, YellowRa1n, JBNow, AbsinJB, FastRa1n, SafeRa1n, SoftJb, SafeJB and DreamJB – many more.

Till now, Apple is consistently fighting with the online Jailbreakers, who hacks into iOS system and unlocks the restriction maintained by the Apple. By performing Jailbreaking, one can easily install applications that are available outside the Apple App Store and apart from this, they can easily customize the entire look of the operating system. For each and every loopholes present in the operating system, the developers from Apple end are trying to rectify it and releases a new updated version of the operating system. This gradually reduces the opportunity of performing jailbreaking in iOS devices.

Recently, one of the scam has been spreading all over the internet, which makes the iPhone users to believe that their device has been really jailbreaked. In the meanwhile, the developer who developed the tool is secretly collecting the iPhone device number and also making a chance to get hacked by the hackers. You can find the scam jailbreaking method in Taig9.com, the name comes similar to TaiG, who officially offers Jailbreak tools on the internet. But, with the name similar to Taig, people might get confused with Taig9.com and falls inside the scam. 

Once you have visited the Taig9 website, you will be asked to install the latest beta version of iOS 9.3 Jailbreak. Once you have clicked the installation link, the site will make you to believe that you’re installing Cydia in your device, and also comes with a pop-up which notifies that “Jailbreak process will be started.” But the reality is that, it will install a web clip profile in your device and add an icon in the desktop similar to the normal updating of an App. The shortcut comes with a name 3K Assitant, the default name provided by the original Taig group for their jailbreaking tool for iOS devices.

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After installing the application in your device, if you open the application, then it will show few links inside the application. By Narrowing to the point, the application will ask $15 dollars to install Cydia application in your device. Even if you pay that, it would end up in sorrow only. The scam team is collecting $15 from everyone and not allows the users to install Cydia application in their device. 

If you have installed these tweaks in your iOS device, directly delete the profile by navigating to Settings -> General > Profiles > 3K Assistant > Delete Profile > Delete. Then, uninstall unwanted application that is installed on your device after installing 3K Assistant. Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates on iOS Jailbreak.

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