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iOS 9.3.1:Things you need to know before you upgrade

The new update of iOS 9.3.1 though, has already caught everybody’s attention, it would only be wiser to make the necessary changes on your device before you upgrade afresh to this new feature. 

Here are a few changes that you need to make before you upgrade.

Keep your login info ready before you upgrade: When you start the upgrade of your iOS, it is advised to keep your apple ID handy to avoid any negligence in the process. During the installation process, this would be very essential and so is the pass code of your phone. Obviously, if it’s your phone that you are upgrading, you will of course know the pass code, but somebody else’s phone would mean that you need to know their pass code in the prior. You also need to know all the login details of all apps and services that you might want to use after the upgrade to avoid any further confusion. The login credentials are necessary to avoid chaos after the installation process.

Quick file backup: We all know what could possibly happen if something had to go wrong during the upgrade. We could seriously lose some data that we might have stored in prior. Hence, it is extremely essential for us to keep a backup of files to avoid any loss. Though you’re an iOS whizz, it would be more advisable to store data separately to avoid any loss of memories.

Charge your phone: In order to update to the newer version, you might want at least 50% charge on your phone already. It would be a good time to use your Lightening cable and charge your phone to avoid any interruption during the tedious installation process. It would obviously not be possible to do this update using a cellular connection, and WiFi is advisable. There is also a necessity to free some space on your phone to make way for the new upgrade to avoid the loss of data.

Be prepared to fix bugs: Before you update to iOS 9.31., there is a possibility of having a lot of issues with your phone, and this could cause some serious problems. Once you upgrade to the newer version, you might face problems with WiFi, or battery drain, so it is advisable to know prior to the upgrade about whatever may cause issues in the update and seek technical support from others.

Be prepared for the iOS 9.3 downgrades: Once you have upgraded to the newer version, you might have the possibility to see some bugs which can’t be easily resolved, and this might persuade you to downgrade it to what it was earlier, so it is wiser to be prepared beforehand for whatever it may be. The downgrade feature would be available for a week or two and hence, it would be good to take a look at what might be the best features or worst features of the upgraded iOS and thus, stay prepared.

Jailbreak details, Look out for the same: If you wish to jailbreak your device then it would better if you also learn the details of it. Though the developers haven’t yet released the details, you might as well wait for the public release of it, to avoid any hassles or believe wrong rumors. Always keep an eye for new developments and see how you could jailbreak your iPhone/iPad once the details are out.

Reviews are the safest: If you are still confused about whether to upgrade/ downgrade or whatever else on your mind, then it would be better if you wait for some reliable reviews by users that could help make a better decision. Stay calm, and be prepared.

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