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iOS 9.3.2: What You Should Know About iOS 9.3.2 Update

Apple released its long awaited update of iOS 9.3 for the Apple handsets last month. Initially, the iOS got numerous updates with additional features such as Verizon Wi-Fi calling, Night Shift and much more. The update release by the Apple Inc, are not expected to the mark and also brought bugs and various technical problems. Recently, it has been in the news that Apple has made an update of iOS 9.3 namely, iOS 9.3.2. Here, I shared the things that everyone needs to know about iOS 9.3.2 update. 

Release Date: The release of iOS 9.3 update was a way to predictable due to iPhone SE and iPad Pro launch events. This time, we can expect an unpredictable release date for the new update. WWDC 2016 is several weeks away and further the media is also not behind Apple since the company has no upcoming device release. Apple, in general follows a no weekend release policy, so we can only limit its release within Monday to Friday, but which day or which date is almost impossible to expect. It is highly expected that the update will be released in between mid May to early June

Release Time: Though it is almost impossible to expect a release date for the update, it is a bit possible to expect the release time of iOS 9.3.2. Apple rarely deviates from the Standard release protocol, 10 A.M. in Pacific. So we expect that to happen this time as well.

Do not Expect Beta release: It is more practical to think that Apple will not make a marathon beta release of the upcoming iOS update. IOS 9.3 first update came with seven beta releases, but with iOS 9.3.2 we might expect a long beta release other than back to back seven beta releases.

New Feature: As it will be released very soon, within a month of the previous update. It is rational not to expect too many new features. Moreover the update is going to be released more to fix bug issues, problems and performance enhancement than to satisfy consumers with the features. However, it is expected that Night Shift mode and Low power mode will be more enhanced in terms of performance.

Bug Fixes: No matter what features iOS 9.3.2 comes with, bug fix is going to be the main implementation. MacRumor website predicts that there will be at least one fix for the Apple handsets. It is expected that in landscape mode, Quick Actions will open up more easily. According to Beta testers in the Game Centre, the white screen issue will also be fixed. The recently released iPhone SE which runs with iOS 9.3 is having some Bluetooth issues, so that we can expect that issue to be fixed as well.

Security Patches: Every time Apple has come with an iOS update, it has improved security, which also makes us to think that, this time also we expect iOS 9.3.2 to come with some security patches.

Jailbreak: As the time is just too short, so it will be illogical to expect a jailbreak release ahead of the public release of iOS 9.3.2.

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