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iOS 9.3 : Common problems and how to fix it

Whenever any operating system is launched, it comes with some bugs and complications. The same is applicable for iOS as well. The latest iOS 9.3 comes with new enhancements and features, but there are some real complications and problems with the OS. 

Mentioned below are some common problems with iOS 9.3 and their fixes:

No update is available for iOS 9.3 – Devices that run on iOS 9 will get the 9.3 update for free. For getting the update, you have to reach Settings > General > Software Update. However, in many devices, the update might not be populating on your phone. What to do in such a case? Try using iTunes on PC or Mac for updating. The latest version of the iTunes should be should be installed and the Mac or PC should be connected to the same. Once connected, open iTunes > Select device> Click ‘Summary’> Check for Update. You can see the update being displayed. A great way of doing this is updating through iTunes.

Not being able to install iOS 9.3 – In many devices, it is getting difficult to install iOS 9.3. Various kinds of problems are coming up in installing the OS. There are many solutions to solve this glitch. First, ensure that the PC or Mac has the latest version of iTunes installed. Also the OS should be updated. The antivirus running might cause problems. Disable or pause the security software. After updating, turn on the security software. Additional USB devices should also be disconnected from the computer while installing the OS. Reboot the iOS device and the computer. Now use iTunes and update to iOS 9.3 through the same.

Freezing while clicking a link inside the email – One of the greatest problems of using iOS 9.3 is when a link is clicked inside the email. When the link is clicked inside the mail, the device (iPad or iPhone) becomes unresponsive. A temporary solution to this problem is to turn off the JavaScript in the Safari App. To do this, go to Settings > Safari> Advanced and turn off toggle, which is next to JavaScript.

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Not being able to activate iPad or iPhone – This problem is being faced by many iPhone and iPad users. On upgrading to iOS 9.3, the device refuses to get updated. This stems from authentication problems that are common to the iOS 9.3. Restart the device. Sometimes restarting solves the problem. If the problem still persists, connect it to a Mac or PC which has iTunes installed. Try updating. There is another way of activating the iPhone or the iPad. Turn off the device first. Then use the Apple ID and password for logging into iCloud. Click on ‘Find iPhone’ and then on ‘All Devices’. Select the device that is facing activation troubles, and then click Remove. Ensure that you do not click on ‘Erase’ or Mark as ‘Lost’. Turn on the device and try activating again. This might help in solving the problem.

Low battery life – Many people have complained of low battery life following an iOS 9.3 installation. Resetting the device might solve the problem. Press and hold the power button and home buttons for about 10 seconds. The battery life might show some improvement with this quick hack.

iPad 2 stops working after updating to iOS 9.3 – Innumerable people who have iPad 2 have one chief complaint in common. Most of them found their devices dead on upgrading to iOS 9.3. This issue has no fix as such and is quite serious which has compelled Apple on releasing 13E236, which is a new build for iOS 9.3.

A bug fix update for iOS 9.3 is being planned to be launched by Apple to solve the problems in iOS 9.3.

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