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iOS 9/9.0.2 Jailbreak for iPhone or iPad: problems and how to fix them.

A couple of months ago, Apple announced iPhone 6S and bigger dad 6S Plus Smartphones. Soon after the release, the company rolled out iOS 9 firmware update to former devices. For those who updated to latest firmware, Apple closed sign-up window for the previous version. If you are in iOS 9, it’s pretty hard to get back to 8.4.1 iOS version. Similarly, the iOS 9.0.2 OS holders can’t get back to iOS 9.0.1 or iOS 8.4.1 version.

The Apple operating system is more secure and stands on top, but secure doesn’t mean unbreakable. The premium acquisition program even rewarded 1$ million for the iOS 9 hackers. Finally, the hackers proved their skill on the challenge. Is your jailbroken iPhone or iPad really sucks! Here we listed 5 major jailbroken device problems.

You can get full control on jailbroken devices. Some of the features such as, installation of banned application, total customization, more features and better privacy. Overall, the customization is pretty cool thing in jailbroken devices. The user can manage the apps and themes exactly how you needed. The main disadvantage in jailbroken devices is the stability and rising issues. These can be solved, sometimes it rises up even after the fix. If you fail to fix the problems, then follow listed guidelines to clear all bug issues.

You may come across problems like lag or slow response in your device. This isn’t a big issue, just restart the phone and remove unwanted application. The main reason for the issues is unwanted application, your device stuck in the middle when lots of installed applications start to process.

Usually, most of the devices stuck in the jailbreak process due to encrypted iTunes back up files. All you need to do is, navigate to the summary page and clear all checkbox marks of the encrypted backup files. As soon as completed, head on to jailbreak procedure. If the issue still exists, try to open photo application on your phone and enable Pangu to open the photo application. Some users facing boot loop error, which means automatically rebooting phone again and again. You can fix it easily, press and hold the volume up button when phone reaches to logo screen.

Many a times, we see our application crashes in the jailbroken devices. The reason behind the app crashes because of outdated application version. Some of them like RecentFacebook and Youtube++. To resolve it, navigate to Cydia application and install the application when it publisher updates the app package.

Stay connected and share your issues in the comment section below. We look forward the updates and get back to you.

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