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iOS: Best iOS Scanning Application for the Month, April

While compared to other smartphones in the market, iOS device’s camera is one of the best things to be considered. In this post, I shared the best application for iOS, which lets you to scan your documents directly from your device. By using this application, you can make better quality images from your iPhone itself. 

If you’re having iPhone 6s or iPhone SE, then it might be perfect for you to pull out your device from a pocket, and take snaps of paper works, you needed. Here is the list of best iOS application for scanning documents.

Evernote App:

Evernote application is one of the best application that lets you to take snapshots of images, documents, whatever you want. By installing the application on your iPhone, you can easily access the application menu directly from the iPhone Notification tray. Once you have created a note on your iPhone, you can add number of images by directly accessing camera from the application. This application is available in the iTunes for free of cost and you can take photos with contrasting background for the images too. Even you can take multiple photos and combine them into a single note, with the help of this application.

iTunes Evernote Download link for iOS.


This is one of the simplest scanning application for the iPhones and will produce excellent output, even the application is very simple. This application lets you to use it for totally free and can be used to get better output, in terms of image quality. Once the app is installed on your device, you can open the application to access the simplest interface, ever made to take high contrast background images.

iTunes Scannable Download link for iOS.

Scanner Pro 7:

Scanner Pro 7 is a premium version application that comes with quality and more usability for the users. The interface is designed in such a way that the images will be processed in a proper manner and lets you a proper scanned image with better output. In order to shoot the image, the user need to point out their device over the image, which is to be scanned. The application will automatically process the image, once the user taps the red button present in the right edge of the screen. The application will take less time for rendering the image and perfectly process the image to the users. The application even allows the users to edit the images, even in the multiple image mode to provide a better experience for the users.

iTunes Scanner Pro 7 Download link for iOS.

Office Lens:

Last, but not the least. Office Lens is one of the most used application in terms of its features. But, basically the application doesn’t offer better output and results. When compared to the features present in the application makes the application to be liked by most of the people. The sharing feature present in the application is considerably better than other scanning application in the list.

iTunes Office Lens Download link for iOS.

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