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iOS Jailbreak: Advantages of Jailbreaking iOS Devices [Updated]

Initially jailbreak is meant only for the developers or for the experts, but however there are reasons that you should jailbreak your apple device on your own. We know that there will be some possible negatives integrated with the jailbreaking your Apple handset. But in this article, we will consider only the positive aspects. After thoroughly studying both the aspects it seems to us that a jailbreak brings more positive than negatives. 

Widget management: iOS 8 has many widgets and those are put into the system in Notification Centre, which might bother you so if you jailbreak your iOS then you will have the admin permission to set the widgets in lock screen other than notification center. This will possibly bother you less.

Customization: As far as customization is concerned, you will be able to customize your iOS device in every way possible after jailbreaking the device. Change the app icons, install new themes and also enjoy the display of customization. However, it is recommended that if you are not a tech savvy guy then jailbreak might give you headaches as the process is a bit complicated.

Control Center: With the general Control Centre, you can only turn on or turn off 4 features or apps and 5 system toggles at a time. After jailbreaking, it is believed that you will be able to fix this issue as you will be able to customize the Control Centre. This will let you add an extra apps in the bottom row and add toggles in the top right. However, adding too many apps or features might have adverse effects such as increased power consumption or system slow down. So it is recommended to have reasonable toggles and app icons or features only, i.e. not to miss use this Control Centre authority power.

Tether: Some jailbreak  apps such as MyWI allows you to tether your PC to your apple handset data connection at the rate of a one time fee. It is obviously a better measure than paying monthly fees to your network cable operator. But this might worsen your relation with your network operator so you should take caution measures only!

Power User: You can turn your iOS into a mobile operating system through Activator. Eventually, it allows you to invoke actions anywhere in the iOS by using numerous shortcuts. Though, it offers limitless shortcuts, it will be better to use as minimum as possible so as to minimize system junk.

Find My iPhone:  Find My iPhone feature is further protected by integration of Activation Lock into the system. By jailbreaking you can install tweaks like iCaghtU and then you will be able to get a screenshot of the man, who tried to open your phone with a wrong password. Other jailbreak tweaks such as PowerGuard can even come handy as it restricts turning off your device without system pass code.

Network: There are jailbreak tweaks such as My3G which makes Wi-Fi only apps believe that they are running on a Wi-Fi network. So you will be able to work on those apps even if you are connected to a 3G or rather 2G network other than Wi-Fi network.

Default apps: In genuine iOS, you are not allowed to set a third party app as your default, but with jailbreak you can overcome this problem as well. Some jailbreak tweaks such as MapsOpener, BrowserChanger might come handy to change default map and browser settings.

Ringtone setting: In genuine iOS, you are not granted the permission to make any song your ringtone, either you have to use defaults or use the songs purchased from iTunes. But with the help of jailbreak tweaks, you can simply choose any song from your library no matter from where it is downloaded and make it your ringtone. The same is true for other tones like alarm tone, alert tone and others.

Touch ID: As everyone knows, Apple has its finger print technology as app locker, but after jailbreaking with tweaks like Applocker or Asphelia, you will be able to lock apps with Touch IDs even.

Unauthorized apps: Apple users are limited with the number of apps which is not the case with the Android handsets. However, there are over 90000 apps in the app store in general. After jailbreaking your device, you will be able to use unauthorized apps as well. This is really one of the best advantages of jailbreaks.

3D Touch: Though it is already an available feature, but jailbreaking will make it even better in terms of usability. Plenty tweaks are there focussing on the matter of 3D touch and more or less all are functionally same.

BatterySafe: The features or apps that are consuming too much of a battery will be automatically turned off by this jailbreak tweak. Settings options such as WiFi, Bluetooth can also get terminated so it is recommended to use it with proper knowledge and if you are a tech savvy guy, then it will be a better option for you to ignore it. You can get BatterySafe from Cydia Application.

iFile: To manage and have a better control over your files and folders, there is a jailbreak tweak, iFile. You will be allowed to edit files with this one.

Barrel: With this jailbreak tweak you can add cool animations in your device.

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