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iOS 9.3 Night shift Mode- Compatible to iPhone devices!

For the substantial improvement in the iOS platform iOS 9.3 releases an improved update. The more focus of this update is on the performance and the security enhancements rather than concentrating on evolutionary updates. IOS 9.3 is introducing a number of numerous features that has taken the iOS experience up a grade.

One of those advanced feature is of Night Shift. Yes, don’t get shocked as this has been brought out for the people’s safety as most of the people use their phones in dim light probably at night when there is darkness leading to the chronic ophthalmic problems. Elsewise, this feature shifts the colours of the retina to the warmer side of the spectrum by analysing your location and time in which you are put in. This feature is automatic on all calls.

No other device is going to hold this newly developed feature. iOS 9.3 analysis the compatible state and then changes its feature automatically. This is one of those compatible feature which features Apple Night Shift feature discriminating the older developers of the fellowship.

iOS Devices which are compatible with the night shift features include:
• Sixth generation iPod touch
• iPhone 6
• iPhone 6s
• iPhone 6 Plus
• iPhone SE
• iPad Air
• iPad Air 2
• iPad mini 2,3,4
• 12.9 inch iPad Pro
• 9.7 inch iPad Pro

With these devices you will be capable to use this Night Shift feature easily. Tis is one of the most appealing feature which is added to iOS 9.3 . It seems to deem down the functionality good enough to get through the process for implementing it as an official feature of iOS. So, what are you waiting for. Install the new update and give some relaxation to your eyes at night. This will give you a sigh of relief as you will be able to work in dark rooms through your iPhone without giving stress to yourself as well as others.

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