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iPhone 5SE in-depth Review: War of 4-inch Smartphones

In the history of smartphones, there was a time, when people used to give baffled looks for the bigger screen. This entire scenario got changed when Samsung released its first phablet sized smartphones in the western smartphone market. Yes, the company has changed the minds of people that smaller sized devices are no more to go. But, the Cupertino giant has entered into the phablet market after 18 months. This made Apple fans to opt for the bigger screen device and till now Apple iPhone 6 is the highest sold iPhone ever. This made a new direction for the company and also released iPhone 6s with bigger screen. 

But, Apple iPhone 5s got retired in terms of sales and this made the company to opt for a decision to revamp iPhone 5s with iPhone 5se. The 4-inch device was released in the year 2013, and a new sibling has been released recently on the Apple conference held in Cupertino last week. The device comes with a price tag of $400 and also with a tag of “most powerful 4-inch smartphone” for the year.

The surprise from the Apple has given to the small screen lover might increase the sales of the company. The device might not be a company’s best selling device, but sort of honor has been given to the device in the release ceremony. By releasing the iPhone 5se, Apple has given voluntary retirement for the iPhone 5s. Apple iPhone 5se might be a powerful competitor for all other devices in this segment with enhanced processing speed, camera quality and design build.


The device looks similar to its sibling iPhone 5s, and the device looks similar aesthetically as iPhone 5s. The name for the device is a reference to the event happened in the past, Macintosh SE is released after the release of Machintosh Plus. Similar to the past, Apple has named the device as iPhone 5se, after the successful span of iPhone 5s.

Apart from this, Apple has changed the location of the power button to the right side of the device in recent iPhone 6 and 6s models. But, as a back to the past, the power button has placed in the top of the device, as similar to iPhone 5s. In addition to this, iPhone 5se comes with round volume buttons and comes with a bead-blasted aluminum case. The logo is clearly visible and it is matched perfectly with the color of the device. The iPhone 5s comes in only three shades, but the recent model comes in four different color variants.

More particularly, the rose gold color seems more perfect for the device. The device will be felt much comfortable, if you’re holding it in your hand. The reduction of screen size and keyboard has given a boost for the small screen lovers. The phone will be perfect to slip inside your device and will be more ideal for type in a single hand. If you’re shifting to the iPhone 5se from iPhone 6, then you might feel uncomfortable due to the initial switch and after that, you will be enjoying with single hand typing for sure. 


The device might be smaller to look, but the device comes with most of the configuration from its predecessors. If you’re shifting from iPhone 6s to iPhone 5se, then you might feel a little uncomfortable during the early days.

The four inch display will give you a screen with 6 layers of application on your screen, and you will also get the app tray in the bottom, where you can access all you frequent applications. Keep in mind that, this device will not act as an upgrade for devices such as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The device will be a perfect upgrade for the devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. By narrowing to the display area, the screen supports resolution of 1136 x 640 resolution with ppi of 326. Due to the smaller sized display, the device comes with a brilliant color display and also offers sharp as well as clear pictures over the screen.


The device comes with a most promising and latest camera from Apple, and the camera present in the device is same as iPhone 6s. While comparing with iPhone 5s’ 8MP camera, it has more advanced features. The camera has the capacity of taking 4K video and at the same time, increased battery capacity and enhanced internal components will boost the image clarity of the device.

If you’ve used any iPhone camera in the past, then you might have come across the basic functionalities such as slow-mo, time-lapse and other features such as panoramic and others. iPhone 5se has the same camera module as iPhone 6s, which comes with OIS.

In addition to OIS, the image signal processor present in the Apple A9 processor will offer better performance for the device, while using the camera. Various features such as face-detection, exposure and image selection will be boosted with the help of M9 co-processor present in the device. The device has the capacity of shooting 1080p video at 60fps and 4K video at 30fps. Apart from rear camera, the device comes with same FaceTime camera present in the iPhone 5s.


The device comes with the same processor present in iPhone 6, and M9 Co-processor. The company didn’t cut anything in terms of processor and performance, which includes the same amount of the clock cycle, RAM, and other criteria. The benchmark result for both the device looks similar and identical. Gaming experience in the device looks much better than iPhone 5s and you can even edit 4K video on the iPhone 5se without any lagging.

Price, Battery and Apple Pay:

The device comes with a battery capacity of 1642mAh battery with video playback of 12-13 hours. The device will withstand 13 hours of continuous internet browsing over Wi-Fi and also in LTE. Apart from this, the device comes with a price tag of £359 for 16GB of storage, and £439 for 64GB and will arrive in the market in early April. The device comes with NFC tag, so that you can make your payments with the help of Apple Pay without any sort of hassle. Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates.

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