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iPhone 5se vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Battle of Smartphones

If we compare with last year, this year lots of high build smartphones have reached the global market with promising configurations. This year, all the giants have released their flagship models with enhanced configurations to beat the other models on the smart phone battle. Here, I compared Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Apple latest iPhone 5se, which is unveiled couple of days ago. 

Similar to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a curvy edges and comes with bigger screen display. In addition to this, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 0.2 inches smaller than its predecessor, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S76 Edge Plus. Apart from this, the device comes with no removable battery and also comes with microSD card. Somehow, the company has made the device to get certified with waterproof and dust proof. The more interesting part is that, the device comes with microSD card support for 200GB and with IP68 certification. Narrowing to the point, the device can be completely immersed in water for almost 30 minutes and can kept till 1.5mm deep in the water. The device comes with 5.5 inches of Super AMOLED screen with QHD display and Octa-core of 2.3GHz speed with 12Mp of the camera.

In the meanwhile, iPhone 5se is a latest competitor from the Apple and unveiled last week at the conference held in Cupertino. After the release of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, smaller screen loving Apple Fans has lost their hope for a smaller screen. But, release of iPhone 5se gives them a boost, which keeps their morale very high. The reduction of screen size and keyboard has given a boost for the small screen lovers. The phone will be perfect to slip inside your device and will be more ideal for type in a single hand. The device comes with a price tag of $400 and also with a tag of “most powerful 4-inch smartphone” for the year. iPhone 5se comes with latest A9 processor from Apple and M9 motion co-processor makes the device to enhance all the features present in the device. Presence of 12MP camera will let to take high-definition 4K video with 30fps and also lets you to edit 4K video without any hassle.


Here is the list of minor changes, which need to checked before buying the device. The device comes with a bigger screen and looks more stylish than its predecessors. The device comes with a glossy finish and metallic body, which will illuminate in the best way, when light rays fell on it. The location of volume button and power button were present in the same location as Samsung S6 Edge Plus. With 3.5mm audio jack and micro-USB port on the bottom of the device, it looks like an ordinary model of Samsung smart phone. The device has no USB Type-C, and curved display functionalities will remain as S6 Edge Plus.

The iPhone 5se looks similar to its sibling iPhone 5s, and the device looks similar aesthetically as iPhone 5s. Apple has changed the location of the power button to the right side of the device in recent iPhone 6 and 6s models. But, as a back to the past, the power button has placed in the top of the device, as similar to iPhone 5s. The device comes with an excellent build quality with shiny back case. The device has a bead-blasted aluminum case, which will attract everyone with its premium quality. The logo on the device, rear panel matches the body with perfect shade. The logo remains visible in all color variants of the device. The rose gold color of the device might be the new one in the 4-inch display segment. As mentioned earlier, the device will be much more perfect for single hand users and those, who doesn’t like to use the mobile in two hands, this device might be a perfect choice for them.


The display is one of the most important segments for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the device comes with Super AMOLED display and supports the resolution of 1,440p x 2,560p resolution. The super AMOLED display is one of the common things present in most of the Samsung devices. In addition to Super AMOLED display, Samsung has finally taken the advantage of OLED technology in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Various information such as notifications, clock and other information will be always shown in the display with the help of OLED.

Apart from this, if you flick over the edge, then it will open double column of contacts at the one end of the screen and also display lists of handy tools. You can even toggle torch on/off directly from the swipe menu.

Apple iPhone 5se might be smaller to look, but the device comes with most of the configuration from its predecessors. The four-inch display will give you a screen with 6 layers of application on your screen, and you will also get the app tray in the bottom, where you can access all your frequent applications. Also keep in your mind, the device is not meant as an upgrade for Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone 5se will be perfect one, if you’re using iPhone 5s or 5c or 4s. For smaller screen lovers, the device might be the perfect choice with high configuration. The device comes with resolution of 1136 x 640 resolution, and 326PPI. While comparing iPhone 5se in this segment is quite difficult. The device is entirely made for small screen lovers and Samsung S7 Edge comes under Phablet section. Both the device has unique characteristics and verdict cannot be taken in this segment.

Processor, Performance and Memory Capacity:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is abundant in terms of performance. The device comes with 2.3 GHz of octa-core processor, Samsung Exynos 8890. With presence of 4GB RAM in the device will perfectly render the images and video. The bench-mark result from Geekbench has offered a best result for the device and took the lead position in the benchmark result. The device run faster than all other smartphones present in the market, including iPhone 6s. 

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