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iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7: What you can really expect?

Now, its time for us to really compare the flagship model from the both giant, which we usually admire to get. Here comes the comparison for the week, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 6s. Currently iPhone 6s beating the sale of current Samsung flagship models. But, we don’t sure that Samsung Galaxy S7 will beat the iPhone 6s or not. 

On the paper, Samsung S7 seems to the best contender to beat all other models that are currently available in the market. The device comes with an excellent, well-packed design and also with enhanced CPU while compared to its predecessors. Yes, the device comes with a better build while compared to its predecessors. The stunning camera present in the device will give you a mouth-watering, when you use it.

In the meantime, iPhone 6s is the recent flagship from the tech giant, Apple. The company has boosted the configuration of the device, and the device comes with 4.7 inches of screen with enhanced A9 Processor. The Apple pay, strengthened glass and a 12MP of the camera will make any non-Apple fan to buy the device.

The design and build of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is quite amazing and comes with a premium look. But the same has never beat the look of the iPhone 6s. Now, Samsung comes with a new build, which drastically changed the look and feel of the device. Yes, the device comes with a little trick from the Samsung, and also with a number of design changes. While compared to its predecessor, the extra bump in the device has been gone. Basically, all Samsung devices will come with an extra bump for the camera. The same has been removed from the current model of Samsung Galaxy S7.

In addition to this, the device comes with a prominent curvy back and somehow the company has made the device to be certified with IP68 certification with its curvy shape. The major feature of the device will save your device from any accidental aquatic encounters.

The iPhone 6s comes with a quite curvy back and also an attractive build, which will easily attract anyone from even longer distances too. The device is much thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S7 and also weigh 8 grams lesser than the S7. The build of iPhone 6s is radically changed from its predecessors and also remains favorite one for most of the Apple fans in the globe.

The display of Samsung Galaxy S7 is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6. But the same is drastically differ from the Apple iPhone 6s. The super AMOLED technology makes the screen look deeper than that of IPS display present in the Apple iPhone 6s. Yes, this might be an advantage of Samsung to stick around with the super AMOLED display. iPhone 6s comes with LED-backlit IPS LCD with 4.7 inches of screen and supports the resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels with PPI of 326. But, Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with super AMOLED display with screen size of 5.1 inches and supports resolution of 1440 x 2560 with PPI of 577.

Performance and Software:
The Galaxy S7 comes with Snapdragon 802 and also with Samsung Exynos processors, which will be based upon the place where you live. Based upon the location, the chipset will be differ. The device from Samsung comes with 4 GB of RAM and allows the users to perform multitasking process with greater pipeline. At the same time, the iPhone 6s comes with Enhanced Apple’s A9 processor, and also with 2 Gigs of RAM. Until the release of iPhone 7, Samsung configuration will be much better than the current model of Apple current flagship.

In terms of the operating system, both of the devices varies a lot. As we all know, iPhone 6s comes with latest operating system from Apple i.e. iOS 9.x and Samsung might come with current recent operating system from Android. It really depends upon the hands of users to choose their familiar operating system and opt for the device.

Other features:
Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with internal on-board storage of 32/64 GB and supports external memory up to 200 GB, which is quite a large number in the current market. Apple iPhone 6s comes with 3 variants 16/64/128 GB of internal on-board storage. As we know, Apple doesn’t come with external memory slot for expanding memory.

iPhone 6s comes with a 12MP rear camera with 5MP of front facing camera with 4K recording, whereas Galaxy S7 comes with same configuration which allows dual-video calls at the same time.

In terms of battery backup, iPhone 6s comes with 1750mAh battery, whereas Samsung S7 comes with 3000mAh of battery capacity.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a double the configuration of iPhone 6s. But, almost half of the iPhone 6s life cycle has been over. S7 has all the capabilities beat the iPhone 6s. But the true result will be known from the Apple, only if iPhone 7 released.

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