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iPhone 6s Review: An Exciting Phone From Apple Inc.

Apple released one of its killer flagship devices iPhone 6s last year, in the series of its “S” devices. As we all thought, the “S” series device always was an incremental update to its predecessor, which comes which comes with a major landmark updates. But the iPhone 6s has some less significant tweaks.

Here, I shared  the complete performance review of iPhone 6s.

Overall Specifications:

Design: The exterior of iPhone 6s looks similar to the iPhone 6 made from aluminium making it a sturdier handset. They both are similar in build only leaving a few millimeters thickness differences and heavier about 14gms than iPhone 6. Even if you accidentally drop it, it is less likely to smash. Because the aluminium that is used is a 7000 series is used in aerospace industry, which avoids the “bendgate”. Other than this, there are two cosmetic changes in the color of the back of the phone. iPhone 6s comes in Rose Gold which is a new finish and also the Space Grey.

Display: The display is much better than its predecessor, featuring with a 1334×750-pixel resolution at 326ppi. The display is less prone to instant breakage during drops. Even Apple claims this phone has got the most durable and molecular level strength in the smartphone industry. But Apple could have made even better when compared to other flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4. It results in pale display when compared to those phones. Apple should definitely consider this change next year from going to 1080p panel from 720p because even budget Android phones rock with 1080p panel these days, then why not Apple, right? Another major difference in iPhone 6s from iPhone 6 is the 3D Touch which is the next generation multi touch; it has the ability to sense multiple input points depending on the pressure you apply to the screen. At the first round of introduction, the 3D Touch Display seemed ingenious but after weeks’ use, it became one of the broader reasons for iPhone 6S to sell off quickly.

3D Touch adds three broad areas of the interaction layer to your iPhone. It also offers something called Quick Actions, Peek and Pop.

Camera: The iPhone 6S uses 12MP rear and 5MP front sensor, and a FaceTime camera. The biggest feature to be noticed here is the iSight camera, which has extra mega pixels to produce higher resolution images. It also helps in recording a better 4k video experience which may take up to 1GB of space so you might want to consider more than 16GB variant.

Storage, CPU and RAM: The iPhone 6S A9 chip doesn’t drain away your battery like A8 did in the previous models. A9 has more transistors which boast the performance even faster. As far as CPU and RAM is concerned, the 2 GB RAM is more than enough for a faster processing even with the 3D Touch Display.

The storage variants are, respectively, 16GB, 64 GB and 128GB. But a 16GB variant is useless without a MicroSD support. I mean, given the storage space of music, pictures and apps; will 16 GB enough for this generation users? I don’t think so. So we think the latter two variants are preferable.

Battery: There are no key differences between the battery capacity of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6. The former carries 1715 mAh and the latter carries 1810 mAh. Even though there seem like a difference in the mAh, Apple says the battery standby for both the iPhones are nearly the same.

Verdict: Well, it is quite obvious that iPhone 6S doesn’t look much different from the outside as compared to iPhone 6. There are only countable changes to it like the availability of colors like Rose Gold, the A9 chipset, nubbin style camera sensor, slight difference in weight, and a few added functionalities in 3D  Touch. But hey, you can wait a while and wait for a slicker version with a big, major upgrade in iPhone 7 is all I could say.

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