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iPhone 7 Round Up: Rumors, Specs, Storage and Battery

With all the rumors going on for the brand new iPhone 7 release, we might as well sneak a peek into what to expect and what not to expect in this case. The rumors of iPhone 7 have kept everybody on the verge of excitement and it’s time we anticipate the features of it. iPhone 7 is rumored to have a dual camera module, although there are other such rumors which show evidence against the former rumor. 

What can you expect from the all new iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 is expected to start its production in the month of July, and thereafter the model is likely to be released not sooner than August or September. Maybe, we could totally expect the new model to be released in the month of September 2016. Here are a few rumors regarding the new features of the new iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7s:

The phone could be comparatively thinner and its headphone jack could be cut just to reduce the thickness and also to allow more components inside the iPhone 7 which would consequently make the model compact and easier to handle.

There could be a second speaker in the new model in place of the headphone jack to see some difference in the older models which could make the new one a lot lighter and funky.
It is also rumored that there could be antenna lines present on the outer edges of the phone and would come with a dual camera feature.
 It could have better water resistance as well as dust resistance and make it travel friendly for all.

There is also another rumor which says that the battery wouldn’t cross the size of 6mm, and now that the functionalities would be improved, it would be harder to optimize the power consumption of the battery.

The dual camera feature present in the model could be in-built with a 12mp sensor, which helps take better-quality pictures. It would also include the LinX technology that could help deliver clear-cut pictures with also optical zoom capabilities. It could also have a low light upgrade that makes it immensely useful in taking pictures even in the dark or in low light, which most of the phone cameras fail to produce. The better low light performance makes it a sort-after model when compared to all its previous upgrades.

With the removal of headphone jacks, it would now be possible to use Bluetooth headphones only and also use the Lightening Connection feature to listen to music.
It could also include wireless charging as its feature that comes along with a waterproof feature.

It is also rumored that the iPhone 7 would have a storage of 2GB Ram and the iPhone 7 Plus would have 3GB RAM. It would try to deliver a better storage and better battery life to the users in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s.

The iPhone 7 would also come with an upgraded feature of iOS 10 with new features as well as visual upgrades that make it more attractive and reliable.

There are several Apple patents that primarily focus on water resistance features which also make all the Apple users hopeful of having a phone that is water–resistant. There is also news that the model would provide protection only for a model that is submerged in 3-6 feet of water and for the duration that is not more than 30 minutes. This is done by coating the model with a chemical that is water resistant saying the website fastcompany.com. Thus, we have a lot of features that we could look forward to in the fall this year.

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