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iPhone or iPad storage capacity can be upgraded with low price

Is your iPhone 6S out of storage, hereafter all iPhone’s and iPad’s storage capacity can be cracked. It’s true! We can increase phone memory as per our needs by spending a few bucks. Basically, Apple most of the devices come out with internal storage variants and non-expandable slot. Consumer need to select internal memory while making an order. Apple latest iPhone 6S model available in 16/64/128 GB and price varies in selection of storage.

In China, a repair shop proved in upgradation of  storage capacity. They successfully cracked over 70+ devices storage and all works better without any issues. The shop owner reports, app data will lose and some application needs to install again after iPhone/iPad storage upgrade. The consumers are recommended a backup of internal data to avoid future losses. You can use Apple’s iCloud application for data backup.

It is very hard to work in small chips, but they developed a special tool in the upgrade process. If you look at iPhone 6S or 5S motherboard, those chipset seems to be very small and can’t even imagine how they are placed. The repair team reports, iPhone storage replacement is much easier than iPad.

The Storage customization price varies with selection of variants. If you are looking for a 64GB storage upgrade,  it cost $71 (450 CNY) to go from 16GB. On the other end, Apple offers same 64GB variant phone with a $100 price tag. Similarly, you can also upgrade the storage up to 128GB capacity. Most of the people prefer 128GB ($92) ultimate option, which unlock more data capacity with a low price. We look forward for updates on Apple product and share your opinion in the comment section below.

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