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iPhone 6 killer “Error 53” isn’t about non-Apple hardware or third-party repair

As thousands of iPhones are still out there in non-working condition due to “error 53” that popped up following the iOS 9 update to damaged/repaired devices, everyone thought that the third-party hardware replaced by a non-Apple technician was the problem. But it isn’t the problem, according to the tech expert at iFixit Kyle Wiens.

The deadly “Error 53” on Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus could pop up even if you replace the original Apple hardware in and around the home button assembly. That means, the problem lies around the synchronization of the new parts with the phone.

It’s a synching issue — you could swap the flex cables between two brand new iPhone 6’s and run into the same problem. The problem is that Apple hasn’t released the tool to synchronize new parts with people’s phones.

Manufacturers using their monopoly to block third-party repair isn’t a new issue — auto manufacturers have also tried to lock out local mechanics. It took ‘Right to Repair’ legislation  to force the automakers to do the same thing. Hopefully Apple is savvier than they were. But if they don’t, legislation has been introduced in four states (New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Nebraska) to force them to support local repair shops.

This has created such a furor that Apple is going to have to respond to this. Let’s stay in touch so that we can make sure that their fix actually solves the problem. They need to give owners the ability to re-calibrate their phones after parts have been installed. This has long been an issue with the Touch ID sensor, but Error 53 made it a lot worse.

Stay tuned for more updates on this issue, hopefully for a fix in the near future.

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