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iPhone SE: It just took $160 for Apple to Manufacture a iPhone SE

It’s been a couple of weeks that Cupertino giant, Apple Inc has introduced iPhone SE officially in the conference held in Cupertino. It’s been a great talk in the internet regarding each and everything on the device. This made us to do a little conclusion over the manufacturing cost of the device. According to the research made from IHS, a research firm, the total cost of manufacturing an iPhone SE would be just $160, which is even less than half of the price of iPhone SE 16 GB version. 

As per the survey made by IHS, the total manufacturing cost of entry-level device i.e. 16 GB version of the device cost around $156. By rounding off the value, it comes around $160 for the company to manufacture the device. The retail price of the 16GB variant comes around $399 in the United States and 64 GB variant will come around $499. Paying $100 for additional memory might not be a wise choice, but if you want extra space, then you need to opt for $499 variant.

As per the report, the display with Gorilla Glass with touch sensitive panel comes with BOM of $20, which is the most costliest unit of the device. Apart from this, other subsystem  comes around the rest of the money.

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The device comes with similar looks from iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. The solid edge looks still attract many iPhone lovers in this world. This might be a boon for the small device lovers to grab an ultra-portable beast for an affordable price. The latest benchmark results from various firms shows that iPhone SE is far better than iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone SE comes with a massive configuration for the price tag of $399, which is far cheaper, while compared to other versions of iPhones.

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