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iPhone SE: Ultimate Guide to Buy an Apple iPhone SE

iPhone SE, the smaller device with tons of fame. Yes, the device obtained tons of fame than its previous models, in a short period of time and adds a value to the iPhone family. Not only small screen lovers, now each and everyone in this world has an eye on this device. iPhone SE comes with a classic look, similar to iPhone 5s and which even attract iPhone 5s users to think about upgrading their device. 

Basically, the device is compact, ultra portable while comparing to other Phablet devices available in the market. The device will compactly slide into your jean pocket, without any sort of issues. After 3 years of time, Apple has now come with a plan to launch smaller screen device, same like its previous model. The device comes with similar looks from iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. The solid edge looks still attract many iPhone lovers in this world. This might be a boon for the small device lovers to grab an ultra-portable beast for an affordable price. But, Apple iPhone 5s got retired in terms of sales and this made the company to opt for a decision to revamp iPhone 5s with iPhone SE.

The 4-inch device was released in the year 2013, and a new sibling has been released recently on the Apple conference held in Cupertino last week. The device comes with a price tag of $400 and also with a tag of “most powerful 4-inch smartphone” for the year. By comparing with the price ranges, one can think that the device will lack some of the features when compared with other versions of iPhones.

Don’t let that to fool you, the device is powered by Apple A9 processors, which is used in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The latest benchmark results from various firms shows that iPhone SE is far better than iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple iPhone SE might be a powerful competitor for all other devices in this segment with enhanced processing speed, camera quality and design build.

iPhone SE, suits for whom?

Around years, most of the people around the globe have started using Phablet devices. Mostly, people used to prefer devices which are more than 5 inches in size. Now, Apple is using its one of its retro tricks to attract people with its smaller display. Now, buying a 4 inch mobile will provide a classy look for the mobile users and in the meantime, it will also attract those users who refused to go for bigger iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. If you’re the one, who said they don’t want to go for the big screen, then iPhone SE might be perfect option for you.

But, if you’re using a Phablet device for more than a year, then it will definitely take a few times to opt for the smaller display. Instead of typing with two hands, now iPhone SE will lead you to use the device with a single hand. Probably you need to learn – how to use the device with single hand again :P. Not only that, but also you need to scroll many times to reach the end of a page. Since the size of the screen is very small, you need to scroll more, when you’re reading a larger document.


The device comes with a similar look of iPhone 5s, with same flat edges and chamfered edges. The main difference between iPhone 5s and iPhone SE is that, iPhone 5s comes with shiny look and iPhone SE comes with a matte look. The top and bottom of the device comes with a glass fittings as similar as iPhone 5s. If the company would go with iPhone 6s looks, the device might not get this much fame. The retro look of the device adds a valuable point to its reputation and also the antenna lines present in the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus is being hated by most of the iPhone users. Until and unless the device comes with antenna lines, the iPhone SE has a solid retro look. 

Apart from this, Apple has changed the location of the power button to the right side of the device in recent iPhone 6 and 6s models. But, as a back to the past, the power button has placed in the top of the device, as similar to iPhone 5s. In addition to this, iPhone 5se comes with round volume buttons and comes with a bead-blasted aluminum case. The logo is clearly visible and it is matched perfectly with the color of the device. The iPhone 5s comes in only three shades, but the recent model comes in four different color variants.


The four inch display will give you a screen with 6 layers of application on your screen, and you will also get the app tray in the bottom, where you can access all your frequent applications. Keep in mind that, this device will not act as an upgrade for devices such as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The device will be a perfect upgrade for the devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. By narrowing to the display area, the screen supports a resolution of 1136 x 640 resolution with ppi of 326. Due to the smaller sized display, the device comes with a brilliant color display and also offers sharp as well as clear pictures over the screen.

In terms of color reproduction, the device acts as a perfect one to exactly reproduce the color for the display. As I mentioned above, you need to practice for a few days, if you’re shifting from the big screen to smaller display. You might end up in frequent typographical and will be back to normal in a few days.


When compared with iPhone 6s, the device comes with same processing speed and performance with Apple A9 Processor and M9 Motion Co-Processor. The combination of Apple A9 processor with dual core processor of 1.84 GHz and PowerVR GT7600, which is a six-cored graphical unit, allows the device to run without any sort of lag. The performance of the device is more than its predecessors, stated by latest benchmark results. The 64 bit architecture of the processor helps the users to even edit 4K video directly from the device itself. The device is more powerful than the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. Yes, the configuration of the device will take your breath away, when you’re using it.

Benchmark Results:

Some of the benchmark results are 3D Mark Sling Shot 2,112, Geekbench 2,342 for single core and 3,880 for multi core, and AnTuTu 128,145. Once the device is delivered, the iPhone SE users will come to know that they’re having the most powerful device in their hand. While compared to other devices in this segment, iPhone SE comes with stellar performance and has the beast configuration in the current global market.


iPhone SE comes with a most promising and latest camera from Apple, and the camera present in the device is same as iPhone 6s. While comparing with iPhone 5s’ 8MP camera, it has more advanced features. The camera has the capacity of taking 4K video and at the same time, increased battery capacity and enhanced internal components will boost the image clarity of the device. The device is powered with solid rear camera and in terms of front camera, Apple ditched the device without upgrading its front camera. The 1.2 mega-pixel FaceTime camera offers poor performance in terms of low light. The device misses optical Image stabilization, which might be a negative point while compared to other devices from Apple.

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Price, Battery and Memory Storage:

The price of the device is another controversy here. The device comes with a price tag of £359 for 16GB of storage, and £439 for 64GB. But, in some part of the country, the price of the device varies tremendously. In developing countries like India, the device comes with a price tag of £530 for 16GB variant. In Qatar, the 16GB variant costs around £480.

While compared to iPhone 5s, the iPhone SE comes with enhanced battery capacity of 1642 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. The battery life lasts around 13 hours of video playback and web browsing in LTE mode. The device comes with 2GB of RAM and two different variants on the basis of internal on-board storage, namely 16GB and 64 GB.


While compared to iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s, the device lacks 3D Touch, which is one of the most important feature introduced by Apple in iPhone 6. Instead of reducing the performance of the device, Apple has reduced the hardware component of the device, so that the price of the device remains low.

Apart from this, the device comes with LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC for Apple Pay. The device will be a perfect choice for those, who loves smaller devices.

Tampa Bay Review Rating: 4.7/5.0

Advantages of iPhone SE:

Powerful A9 Processor
12 Mega-pixel camera
Low cost
Enhanced Battery Life
Matte finish body
Retro look and design
Easy to Hold the device

You can’t expand memory more than 64GB
Poor Front Camera
Smaller screen
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