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iPhone SE: What Makes iPhone SE More Special?

Every time Apple brings out a version of its iconic iPhone, excitement of gadget lovers and fans reaches a crescendo! While the launch of the much anticipated iPhone 7 is still some time away, the newly released iPhone SE is now the center of attention. It was also generating much buzz before release in the first quarter of 2016. The smaller sized device has faced both positive and negative reactions post its debut in recent times. 

Below listed are the factors that make the iPhone SE so special.

Dimensions- To cope up with rising competition in Smartphone segment, Apple opted for larger screen sizes for iPhone 6. However, this move did not go down well with a section of loyal iPhone users who were actually happy with smaller screen sizes. The iPhone SE caters to this section of users. It has 4 inch screen size, making it ideal for users with smaller palms. Despite the smaller dimensions the display is nothing short of stunning.

Power- Small does not always mean underpowered, at least not with Apple! The iPhone SE intended as a replacement for the older iPhone 5S features fairly powerful hardware components inside to cope with needs of demanding users better. In fact, most of its hardware components are taken from the iPhone 6s. It runs the tried and tested A9 CPU with 2 GB RAM. That provides enough juice even for heavy users.

Software- Despite having similar small dimensions, iPhone SE is way ahead of its predecessor aka iPhone 5S. Not only the hardware specs are improved in the new device, but the software has also received a major boost. It is equipped with iOS 9.3 and so users can enjoy the same features as owners of an iPhone 6S.

Battery- A majority of Smartphone users, especially those who use their devices for literally everything cannot get enough of battery life. Well, they have something to rejoice, especially after the release of the iPhone SE. Apple says the smaller device will actually offer better battery life than iPhone 6S. That is not impractical claim considering it has a smaller screen and scaled down the resolution. Apple data show it puts up a good fight with its higher priced siblings in most departments as far as battery performance is considered.

Imaging- In imaging, it is more of a mixed bag. There are no massive improvements, but small enhancements make things better for the end users. The iPhone SE ships with rear camera with a 12 MP sensor which is aided by a dual LED flash. It supports 2k video recording. The front camera is quite disappointing with 1.2 MP resolution. In an age where entry level Smartphones feature 5 MP front shooters, this comes as a downer.

Price- Apple is not known for making affordable products ever- whether it is computers or smart phones! However, in some specific markets it has resorted to clever strategies to sell older versions of iPhones. In any case, launching an iPhone with an entry price tag of $399 is quite uncommon for Apple. The base price, however, may be a tad higher in some markets.

What’s not so cool?

Despite the improvements in looks and internals, the iPhone SE does come with some deficits or features borrowed from the past. The biggest gripe of some experts and users is the integration of the older Touch ID sensor. Those who have used the 3D touch feature may find the older Touch ID slower for their taste. The device looks nice, but the design is not fresh anymore. Apple could have made some subtle design changes apart from introducing a few new colors to make it stand out.

Bottom Line:

If you are a first time iPhone user and do not mind a smaller screen size, you will be in awe with what the phone offers! This little beast has all the features that you can desire for with the Apple tag to it!

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