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iPhone SE: Reasons Why You Should Buy An Apple iPhone SE

Apple introduced is Special Edition 4-inch screen phone that turned many heads in the market. There has been a two way argument for the reasons why one should buy the phone and why one should not. Even though they seem considerable, we are going to round up a few reasons why you should buy the Apple iPhone SE. 

Compact Size: Even though many users aren’t a fan of tiny display given the advent of smartphones with 5 inch and plus screen, there are also many tangible merits of owning an 4 inch screen phone. First, it will literally fit in your hand or pocket. It is all about being retro again. Remember the good olden days when we used to own a phone not more than 4 inch? At some point of time or the other, we were only forced to upgrade to 5 inch phones. What you should consider here, is the reachability, portability and better battery life.

Lasting Power: Along with convenience, comes discomfort too. How? Smart phones can make you depend on the outer world less, but it makes you depend on electricity more by draining the battery real quick. That is not in the case of iPhone SE. Reviews has it that the Apple’s 4 inch phone has a better long lasting battery life of its entire iPhone range.

Technical power: You should be aware here of the fact that most of the features in iPhone SE match with iPhone 6s, which is considered to be a killer flagship phone in the market now. Of course excluding the omission of 3D Touch in SE, we have A9 chip with M9 motion co-processor, a 12MP iSight camera which puts iPhone SE in the top smartphones list.

Price: The price of iPhone SE is considerably affordable if you compare it with the range of other iPhones. Usually, the assumption is the lower the price, the less effective specifications. But iPhone SE stands as an exception as it has less price and less compromise on the specifications.

Premium: Amongst all the other smaller phones that is offered at a lower price obviously doesn’t yield many features which you will consider it as a premium one. iPhone SE on the other hand steals the show to be a show-stopper of this misconception and proves to be a better mobile than an iPhone for less price.

Camera: The prowess of iPhone SE finds its strength basically to the amazing camera features. The same configuration as iPhone 6s, with the same rapid shutter speed and 4K recording.

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