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iPhone SE: Things to do after buying an iPhone SE

If you’re one of them, who bought iPhone SE recently. Herewith, I have shared few things you should be doing as soon as you get your iPhone to make the best of every penny spent! 

Create an Apple ID – If this is your first iPhone, you will have to create an Apple id before you begin exploring the phone. The apple id makes you a part of the Apple ecosystem and gives you access to umpteen apps and opens your door to a world of possibilities, fun and entertainment. Once the id is created, you can do a real lot on your iPhone, from buying to download apps from the App store, subscribing to Apple music from iTunes, your apple id can open up a world of endless options to you! You can download movies at iTunes, enable iMessage, iCloud, FaceTime and other technologies to using the same id. Creating an Apple account is free.

Install iTunes – Having iTunes on the iPhone SE becomes kind of mandatory. With iTunes, there are many settings which can help when the iPhone is connected to the computer. Along with reading data, there are options of removing and adding videos, apps, music, photos etc.

Turn on the iPhone SE – With the attractive iPhone SE in your hands, you will be eagerly waiting to turn the phone on. In the top right corner, there is the power/sleep button. Hold this button to turn on the device. You will be welcomed with a hello and you will need to religiously follow the instructions that come on the screen. The slider has to be wiped to the right to start the process of activation of the iPhone SE.

Setting up the new iPhone SE – This is an extremely simple process and will require just a few minutes to complete. The setup can be done with WiFi as well as with iTunes. Onscreen instructions need to be followed for the setup. Select the language, activate location service, enter Apple id, select setup options and continue as per instructions. You will be notified when it is done. Once the activation process is complete, tap and start using the phone. It is as simple as that! The settings can be altered later, if need be!

Explore the features offered by iPhone SE – Once all the settings are set, it is time to start exploring the new iPhone SE. It is needless to say that the iPhone SE comes with power-packed attractive features. A few of them may be a tad bit confusing especially if you have just shifted to iPhone after years of android use. If you are confused and slightly shaky, consult the device introduction guide and do things as instructed. In no time, you will be able to understand things that make the iPhone SE so very special.

Browse through the built-in apps in the iPhone SE – Before you start downloading and installing apps from the Apple store, it is recommended to browse through the various built-in apps in the iPhone SE. You will find many pre-loaded apps on your iPhone SE, which will help you with optimized web browsing, calling, and accessing music, photos and emails.

You might take some time to get used to the iPhone SE, but once you have acclimatized with your phone, you will simply love it. Stay Tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates on iPhone SE.

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