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iPhone SE: Why You should Not Buy It

As well all know, iPhone SE is going to continue the flagship of the Apple Smartphone. This iPhone model comes with a sleek look with a display of 4 inches only. Cupertino giant believes iPhone SE to be the best 4 inches Smartphone released till date. But, there are many issues to consider if you are looking forward to buy iPhone SE. In this article, I shared why you should not opt for iPhone SE. 

Display: To be practical, a 4 inches Smartphone is just too small for most of the people round the globe. Further, we might even predict that iPhone SE will struggle to penetrate the global smartphone market because various handsets are already available in the market in its price category or even at a lower price bracket and that also with a bigger screen.

Price: iPhone SE entered the competitive market with a price tag of $400, which puts it in a direct competition with Smartphone models like the Sony Xperia Z5, iPhone 6S and Google Nexus 6P. Further, it can be noted that it comes with a smaller display so its price should be less, i.e. somewhere near about $299. It is inevitable that a large number of potential customers will look somewhere else other than this Apple Smartphone flagship bearer.

3D Touch: The previous iPhone models, namely iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models had 3D Touch feature, which is lacking in the latest model, the iPhone SE.

Design: More or less, this model has almost likely designs with that of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The only added features into the design are matte finish and rose gold color option. In brief, if you buy some other color such as silver or space gray or gold or black, then your iPhone will be indistinguishable from iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S.

Storage: iPhone SE offers only 16 GB and 64 GB of internal storage. Even, if you opt for the 64GB version of iPhone SE, the entire memory will be become fully in a shorter span of time, if you’re a media lover. It is strongly advised to opt for various models with more internal storage, if you’re a media lover.

iOS: When compared to Android, We all know that iOS is a bad option than. As far as Android is concerned, it comes with free features and flexibility. Though it is obvious that iPhone will come with iOS operating system only, we can still consider it as a negative or a as an inevitable point of not buying iPhone SE.

Standout features: This iPhone SE hasn’t come with any standout features and as a result, it will be almost inseparable from Apple’s previous releases. This is the first time that Apple has released an iPhone model without any unique feature. It possesses the design of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S and camera and processor of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus respectively.

Until unless, you’re a small screen lover, buying iPhone SE is not a wise decision. Stay Tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates on iPhone SE.

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