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Apple iPhone 5se vs iPhone 5s – A quick comparison

Is it right time for upgrading your iPhone 5s to iPhone 5se? If you’re still confused, here i have compared the best things between iPhone 5s and iPhone 5se. So that you can decide whether you can opt for iPhone 5se, if you’re already own an iPhone 5s. I heard a few times, that the old iPhone 5s makes burning sensation in their packets, and causes lots of irritation too. 

Perhaps, it might be related to the size of the device, and internal hardware components which generates heat inside the device. For those, who prefer smaller device or nostalgic, Apple has released another smaller device with 4 inch display, iPhone 5se. The device comes with a tagline of “the most powerful 4 inch smartphone”, which is given by tech geeks, and comes with a configuration of Apple high-end devices.

Design and Display:
In terms of design, the device of iPhone 5se looks similar to the size of iPhone 5s. We can say that iPhone 5se is a combination of both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The company has released the device in such a way that, users of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c can upgrade their old existing device to iPhone 5se. In terms of size, both the device stands together with almost similar size and iPhone 5se is 0.04 ounces heavier than the iPhone 5s. But, none in this world will notice a smaller change. iPhone 5se comes with chamfered edges with an excellent look and also comes with the cute looking aluminum body.

The screen looks identical in both the devices and we can say, almost the same display is used in both the devices. In addition to this, the layout of the device and body design, including charger port, speaker locations was identical in both the devices.

Power and Performance:
Our assertion about the iPhone 5se will be true. The device is truly referred as the most powerful smartphone in the 4-inch display section. While comparing iPhone 5se with iPhone 5s, the specifications of the latter will be a little outdated and the first one goes little forward by a mile. The latter one uses Apple A7 Chipset and the former one uses Apple A9 Chipset, both of them are 64 bit ones.

iPhone 5se comes with 2GB of RAM, whereas the other one comes with RAM of only 1GB. The presence of 2GB RAM in the device adds more stability and faster performance to the device in terms of response time and installation of new applications. Also, in terms of battery capacity, 5se comes with higher capacity of 1642 mAh, while comparing to iPhone 5s with 1560 mAh battery.

Camera feature is one of the most comprising one for both the devices. iPhone 5se comes with 12MP camera and 5s comes with 8MP camera only. Both the device comes with 1.2 MP front facer camera and iPhone 5se comes with promising quality in terms of camera.

At the end, Apple iPhone 5se seems to be a compromising as well as a healthier upgrade for the device. For the price tag of $400, the device seems to be a better upgrade for the iPhone 5s owner. Also for those users, who prefer smaller devices, iPhone 5se might be a better option. At last, iPhone 5se is a worthy upgrade of iPhone 5s.

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