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NASA declared James Webb Space Telescope received its last Mirror

Back in 1990, NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope to earth low orbit. Now, it’s time to bring an advanced engineering that could replace HST. According to the latest NASA press release, James Webb Space Telescope received its last mirror on Wednesday.

The technician, who is working on the James Webb Space Telescope project completed the installation of the primary mirror. NASA reports, the bigger sized telescope will be placed in the second Lagrange point.


In search of light from the foremost stars and galaxies that emerge in the universe after the Big Bang.
To learn the evolution and shaping of galaxies and stars. Moreover, scientists are trying to figure out the origins of life.
The device primary mirror coated with beryllium gold encloses 18 segments, in which their size is equal to a coffee table. These segments gets a hexagonal shape that weighs about 80 pounds. Futhermore, the size of soon-to-be-launched space gazer is 21-feet in diameter.

If everything goes in the right way, the gigantic telescope will be as big as a football field. As stated, the launch is set for October 2018.

As we already stated the mission, JSWT is developed to study evolution and conduct research on dusk disks. It carries a Webb’s on board near-infrared spectrometer for the investigation. This helps to track radiation emitted from different celestial objects.

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