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Jupiter’s ‘Northern Lights’, caused by Solar Storms in the planet’s surface

Scientists observed the Northern Lights X-Ray Aurora on Jupiter for the first time in the history – caused due to after effect of solar storm over the atmosphere of the planet. The intense light from the planet appears as flaring as 8X as of ordinary days. 

The observation clearly help us to understand how a planet will react for such a huge solar storms and also for intense solar winds. In the meanwhile, this phenomenon was published in a Journal of Geophysical Research Space Physics. According to the storm’s progress and its path, the scientists has predicted, when it will reach the planet.

The massive jaw dropping auroras is captured by Chandra X-Ray observatory center. It is mentioned in the study that the current auroras from Jupiter is massive than that of our home planet and in the same time, it is hundred times powerful than Earth’s own aurora borealis. Based on the research, a group of scientists from University College of London has published their findings. It is highly believed that this kind of phenomenon is the first of its kind on Jupiter’s history. Due to the penetration of Colossal solar storms over the surface of planet, the auroras has been created over the surface of Jupiter.

William Dunn from UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory mentioned as,

“There’s a constant power struggle between the solar wind and Jupiter’s magnetosphere. We want to understand this interaction and what effect it has on the planet. By studying how the aurora changes, we can discover more about the region of space controlled by Jupiter’s magnetic field, and if or how this is influenced by the Sun. Understanding this relationship is important for the countless magnetic objects across the galaxy, including exoplanets, brown dwarfs, and neutron stars,”

Basically, the solar storms will be happening when the sun released a massive amount of heat as well as coronal mass ejections. The same will send a narrow stream of magnetic fields with a combination of electrical field with a velocity of 3 million miles per hour. When these rays hit the surface of a planet, the auroras will be occurred. But, current one is incredibly high, while comparing to other phenomenon happened last years. Stay Tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates.

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