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The 2018 KIA Telluride Concept

KIA motors have finally come up with a full-sized SUV. The car was launched at the North America International Auto Show; come in KIA Telluride Concept. After years of trying to compete in the global demand of SUVs KIA has finally uncovered a car that the American carmaker is expecting to help them become a major player in the SUV market. KIA is looking to attract more buyers in the market with this new release. Most importantly KIA is trying to reach out to customers who are looking for extravagant brands in the market. Like its sister Hyundai, KIA is looking to grow its standard.

Interior and Exterior Design

Beside the extra-ordinary organization that the interior of this car gets, the manufacturer is going to fit the car with some of the latest technological devices. The car gets an infotainment system that is simply out of this world and it controls most of the devices installed in the car including the media players. The seats in this car are comfortable and offer the driver and the passengers a sporty feel as well. The space in the car is big enough to accommodate seven passengers and still leave room for luggage. The seats are leather covered to give optimum comfort to anyone inside the car. The finishing of the car is crisp and elegant and will catch the attention of anyone looking to get the car.

The exterior of the car is well shaped and will make the car look trendy and classy. The outside of this car will most likely attract more youthful buyers than older ones. The material used in making the car provide the car with aerodynamics. The headlights look new and their shapes are just what you would expect from any car maker looking to send a statement to their competitors. The headlights will be equipped with LED technology to help with night vision for the driver of the car. The grille of the car is charming and the car of the car is exceptionally beautiful. The tail lights of the car are excellently placed to make the rare also look amazing.


The engine found under the hood of this car will be a PHEV 3.5-liter V6 gasoline variant which is directly infused (GDI). The engine produces 270 horsepower of force and 130- horsepower electric motor.
The engine will be propelled to a four-wheel drive framework.

Fuel economy

The car is capable of accomplishing more than 30 mpg when driving on constant speed on high ways.

Release Date and Price

The car is very well expected to hit the market in late 2016 or early 2017. The price of this model is yet to be announced. Although, experts are speculating that the because of the car’s great finishing and elegant design it will cost you a substantial amount to get your hands on this beauty. That’s around $20,000 more than its predecessor.


This extravagant luxurious SUV is expected to be among the world leaders in luxurious SUV models. The car is expected to be competitive and make great sales than any car ever designed by KIA. Anyone looking for a powerful, fuel efficient, and capable car will do well to take a close look at the 2018 KIA Telluride.

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