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Last VCR making company to shut down

The last VCR making company is all set to seize production. Japan’s Funai Electric is supposedly the last company that has been making VCRs till date. The company is all set to say goodbye to VCR owing to the drastic drop in sales over the past decade or so. The machine literally brought a revolution to home entertainment system approximately 60 years ago. In modern times, the VCR is finding it difficult to maintain sales figures owing to the rise of DVDs and portable drives.

The Japanese company had started its initial production during the early 1980’s. During the peak time of VCR’s, the company had sold more 15 million units in a year. The downfall in sales came with the advent of modern technology. The rise in the market of DVD and CD cassettes gradually impacted the market. According to the reports, the company sold a meagre 750,000 units last year.

The other reason behind the closure of the last VCR making company is the increasing difficulty to find manufacturing material. The part that a VCR needs is getting increasingly difficult to procure, in turn increasing the making cost. Considering that the VCR will be dead in a few years, it might be the good time for the makers to stop.

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