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List of Hidden Facebook Features You Likely UnAware Of It

Facebook is one of the widely used social media platforms, which lead us to connect with hundreds of people all around the world. Even though, the Facebook has tons of features, most of the people use the platform for posting status, pictures and sending private messages to their friends. Here, I shared most of the unknown features, that one can use to improve their user experience on the platform. 

On exploring the various features of the platform, the features are,

The most hidden feature present in the platform is its Facebook Mini BasketBall game present in the Messenger. The hidden mini basketball gone viral before a couple of weeks and it allows the users to play basketball game directly from their Messenger Application. By sending a basketball smiley to a friend, one can activate the mini game present in the Messenger Application. Also Read: Ultimate Guide for Facebook Messenger BasketBall Game [Updated] 

The next feature is “Save Posts”, which allows the users to save a particular post or a video available in their News Feed. By saving a post, they can read it later from their account. By clicking the down arrow button on the post and “Save link” on the menu appeared. Once the same is done, the user can view the stored information in the “Saved folder” available in the left sidebar of their News Feed.

Checking relationship with each other can be easily found by accessing https://www.fb.com/friendship/your_userid/your_friend_id. By accessing the URL, the significant relationship over the years can be easily viewed.

File Sharing: Now you can easily share files directly from your device with your friends. The files will be stored in the cloud and the same can be downloaded from the recipient’s side, whenever they want to. If the users have installed the Dropbox application in their device, then Dropbox option will be visible for the users to save their files to the Dropbox.

End a Session: Now you can abruptly end a session from a remote connection, whenever you want. This will be much more useful, when a user forgot to log out their accounts from a public computer. By accessing Setting -> Security -> Where you’re logged in, you can directly log-out the session by simply clicking the “End Activity” link.

Not only Facebook Mini Basketball game, you can also play Chess with your friends in your Facebook Messenger application itself. By typing @fbchess in a conversation, you can play chess game in your Facebook messenger.

Last but not least, one can easily change the language to their mother tongue from the default English. By navigating to “Settings -> Language -> Edit”, one can easily edit the default language to their preferred language.

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