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Listeria outbreak: Raw Milk from Lancaster Country linked with death and illness

Recent outbreaks in Listeria triggers investigation in several states regarding the raw milk, which is produced from the Lancaster Country Farm. Top leading health officials report that the outbreak might be linked with the raw milk, from a particular organic farm in Pennsylvania. 

In the year 2014, the illness was an outbreak and until now, it took time to determine the root cause for the outbreak by investigators. After two years of time, the investigators found that Miller’s Organic Farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pa. is the main source for the outbreak.

In 2014, two people got sick and one was from California, the other one from Florida. The one from Florida died, after the bacterial attack. On last Friday, United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the reason behind the scene is due to the unpasteurized milk, which is produced from Miller’s Organic Farm. In addition to that, Listeria is found in the raw chocolates, which are manufactured by using the same milk from Miller’s Organic Farm. The strains from the chocolate is same as the strains which are found from the affected patients in 2014.

Amos Miller, owner of the farm mentioned that, the milk was consistently supplying only to private membership clubs and the same weren’t not distributed to any other retail stores in the country. He also mentioned that, till now, no complaints have been registered from those customers. He also mentioned as,

“I don’t know that it was proved it’s on the farm here,” “We hope and pray for the best.”
The health officials advised to the milk consumers not to have raw milk or any other unpasteurized dairy products. The products might come with the strains of various deadly pathogens such a Listeria, salmonella and other bacteria. It is highly suggested to have boiled milk, so that the deadly bacteria might dead before consuming it.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned as,

“Because Listeria was recently found in raw milk produced by Miller’s Organic Farm, CDC is concerned that conditions may exist at the farm that may cause further contamination of raw milk and raw dairy products distributed by this company and make people sick,”
The symptoms might develop within few days of consumption of raw milk and it includes normal symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, stiff neck, loss of appetite and other symptoms such as convulsions, etc. Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates.

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