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MacOS: Apple Rebrands its next version of OS as MacOS

Suddenly, Rumors were firing on the internet which states that Apple has plans to revamp the name of its upcoming operating system. The entire thing came into the picture, when one of the user notifies that the term OS X on Apple FAQ site has been changed into “MacOS”. 

Last year, the term MacOS was mentioned by the company’s senior vice-president Phil Schiller on WWDC, and now, it has been mentioned in the Apple official website itself. Instead of mentioning the operating system as OS X, the operating system is mentioned as MacOS. This is not the first time that Apple has rebranding its operating system. When Mac OS 9 was officially announced by the company, the operating system was branded as Mac OS X. After 2012, the prefix Mac was dropped by the company. And also, they have revamped the term iPhone OS into iOS in 2010.

Not only the above mentioned instances, but also a mention of MacOS has been deeply buried in the library files in the OS X 10.11.4. By consolidating everything, there might be a large hope that the company will change the branding of their operating system name as “MacOS”.

The company has plans to unveil the next version of Mac operating system OS X 10.12, in the next WorldWide Developers Conference. This is to be held in between June 13 to June 17, where the next version of Mac operating system will be officially unveiled. The more interesting thing is that, Apple is introducing Siri support in the Mac operating system for the first time in the history of Apple.

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