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Magic Leap has made a better VR device that most others

Magic Leap has been raising millions of dollars to create a virtual display device which can be stated as very similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens. The secretive start up has been working on the project for quite some time now, but sadly we have not had the opportunity of testing out the device and its features. Last year MIT got the opportunity of testing out the device which led us to see a few demos of the virtual reality headset. Now, thanks to Wired, we can have a closer look at the developments going around and what kind of tests that Magic Leap is doing with their virtual reality device.

Magic Leap’s virtual reality device also uses wave guides to super impose 3 dimensional images on the objects of the real world, just like in case of Microsoft’s HoloLens. Instead of describing the technology, Magic Leap went on to call it a photonic light field chip that is responsible for the mixed reality as they call it.

According to the statement by Rony Abovitz, Magic Leap’s Chief Executing Officer, “three dimensional wave… component that has very small structures in it, and they manage the flow of photons that ultimately create a digital light field signal.”

What makes things more interesting is the fact that Magic Leap has refrained from stating anything about the device or the technology that they are using. According to an employee, it will be like “dreaming with your eyes open.”

Wired has stated that the virtual reality that Magic leap is providing is possibly better than all the other devices that we currently have in the arena. But even Magic Leap is finding a few issues with field adjustments like Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Magic Leap is not yet ready to ship out their device to the developers, while on the other hand Microsoft is already doing that. Some enthusiasts believe that Magic Leap’s device will have a better impact of gaming in virtual reality that all others.

A look at Virtual Reality Video recording with VR headset by Magic Leap.

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