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Major Announcements at Apple’s WWDC 2018 Event

Apple is organizing WWDC 2018 event at California. It seems that they are primarily focussing on software section at this point as all the major announcements so far are related to this segment. This move by Apple surprised many experts because they were expecting some hardware-related announcements. Some devices by Apple require a few changes to add the originality to the series but the wait is getting longer for many people. It does not mean that WWDC 2018 is not adding the required value to the company. They have announced many new things and it will add freshness to the iOS devices. Here we are discussing a few important announcements by Apple.

Siri: – This section is now one of the strongest points of the iOS gadgets. The latest improvements further give more power to the users and many users will definitely like it. Siri will now give you some vital suggestions which will be based on your usage. Therefore now you can get more information as per your requirement and it will make the gadget more valuable. This is not all. You will now also have the access to shortcut app to customize the usage. This will save your time and you can access the sections more easily than before. This new feature is going to be supportive to access the third-party apps with ease.

iOS12:- This is one of the major announcements by Apple. The new iOS 12 has been announced by the company and now the gadgets are going to be more functional this time. Many experts have the view that apps can be accessed more easily now. Moreover, camera and keyboard can work more efficiently to give the right outcome. The new operating system can also help you to keep the device safe.

Dolby Atmos: – Dolby Atmos will now be the part of Apple TV 4K. This move will support iTunes library as 4K titles will now give a thrilling experience. The sound quality with 3D capacities will offer the fresh experience to the users.

WatchOS: – Many latest reports say that Apple is leading the chart in smartwatch category. Most of the users are satisfied with its performance. The company is aware of the fact that the expectations will rise in future. Therefore they have decided to bring watchOS 5 to offer new features to their customers. Shortcuts, as well as important Siri notifications, will also be available to support you in different categories.

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