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Microsoft Lumia 650 release date officially announced: Features and Price

Microsoft Lumia 650, one of the most awaiting Smartphone is ready to hit the market. We have already come across several rumors and speculations. These information helped us to figure out some key features of upcoming rival. We are not sure about the exact release date, Microsoft hasn’t announced in the press release so far. Some report says that Lumia 650 is going to debut in the month of February. If we sort out former device release date, Lumia 650 likely to release on February 1.

At a glance, let’s us go through rumors and leaks released so far. To begin with, Lumia 560 rumors image has been purportedly leaked online. Microsoft Lumia 560 leaked image shows a glimpse of the front design. The display seems to be 5-inch display, which supports 720p resolution. Since it is a middle end Smartphone, we don’t see any impressive feature. The company has given a unique design and royal look. Most importantly, people like Lumia’s rounded edge on every corner. According to the latest rumors, Microsoft Lumia 650 is going to debut with a $222 price tag.

On the other end, Microsoft denied Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 releases for some reason. We can still expect powerful Smartphones in the future. Moreover, Lumia 650 is going to be the first and final Smartphone of 2016. Later on, Microsoft planned to continue smartphone with a new initial name (Surface).

As we all know that Windows 10 rolled out in all compatible Lumia devices, Lumia 650 is not going to take part in any Windows 10 update. Microsoft latest flagship comes out with pre-installed Windows 10 operating system.

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