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Microsoft PowerPoint receive two new features for Office 2016 users- ‘Morph and Design’

The developer brings two new add-on in Microsoft PowerPoint for the 2016 Office users. Redmond-based software company rolled out the update package, in which users get an auto-suggest background and layout options in PowerPoint presentation.

By default, the company added 12,000 layouts in the library that help to give a professional view on presentations. The update carries a machine-learning technique, which automatically analyze the attached photograph and shows a suitable layout for the presentation.

Most of the users are still awaiting, Microsoft decided to expand their update network as early as possible. On the other end, they pay their attention on lifelong license model to monthly subscribers.

According to the Microsoft official blog,

“PowerPoint Designer and Morph are new intelligent tools that work for you by automating the creation of slides and presentations, helping everyone get more out of Office. With a cloud-powered recommendation engine and smart animation technology, these new PowerPoint capabilities help anyone create polished slides and captivating motion effects with just a few quick steps.”
Shan Villaron says,

“It had been under discussion for years, but hadn’t moved much beyond talking about how to streamline the process. But a recent hackathon, in which engineers were encouraged to quickly prototype a product, ended up putting out a project that set the groundwork for Morph.”

What do we have in Morph tool? Microsoft’s new Morph tool enable to create cinematic motion by consistent and coherent animation in the slides. This tool doesn’t only provide cinematic motion with text and images, but also in 3D shapes. To do so, duplicate the slides and use the morph tool to animate. You can find the Morph tool under Transition option.

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