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Monstrous galaxies found enshrouded within web dark matter

For hunting monstrous galaxies, Hideki Umehata led an astronomer team and used ALMA of European Southern Observatory for making extensive observations of SSA22, a small portion of the sky in constellation Aquarius.  The universe is filled with a web of dark matter as well as 3D structure threads along the galaxies.

According to the findings, it is suggested that the formation of monstrously galaxies is seen in those areas that are having dark matter. For better appreciating the structure and evolution of the modern universe, understanding how the formation of the earliest galaxies after the Big Bang has been influenced by dark matter.

Typically, observing these stardust galaxies that existed in the early days of the universe is quite tough since large volume of obscuring dust is contained in them. With these capabilities, the location of 9 galaxies was confirmed and pinpointed by the team.  A concentrated bunch of monster galaxies enshrouded in dark matter and undergoing energetic and massive stellar transformation was detected by Astronomers.

While, the resolution and the sensitivity weren’t sufficient for being sure, ASTE images contained indications of possibility of a cluster of monstrous galaxies. The presence of dark matter was determined by the team with comparison of data from various telescopes as well as with the use of movements of visible objects that are gravitationally influenced for mapping out where the location of that dark matter is.

ALMA is quite sensitive to submillimeter emissions and that is the reason of galaxies picking up on earth. The SSA22 one can be termed Proto-Great Wall. Owing to these measurements, ALMA could reveal the dark matter’s gravitational location. Here, galaxies are seen in a bunch of dark matter, wherein intersection of filaments occurs with each other.

Since modern galaxies are monstrous ones, their origination must also have been in the nexuses in large structures.  With this discovery of ALMA, that the location of monstrous galaxies in deep dark matter can help astronomers in understanding the relationship between galactic formation and dark matter.

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