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Looking for Official Prisma Android App Download? You Must Read This

In between the sensational Pokemon Go augmented reality gaming app’s success, one more app has managed to grab attention of millions of smartphone users – Prisma photo editing app with the painting effect kind of photo filters. The simple yet effective photo filter app has been released on iTunes for Apple iPhone users and it has garnered millions of users quickly.

Now that the popularity of the app has gone high, people started sharing their creative works done using the Prisma app have also gone viral and the people who use smartphones running on Android also began to search for the app in Google Play Store. And you should know that the official Prisma app for Android hasn’t yet released by the company.

According to reports, the official Prisma Android app will be launched by the end of July, i.e., this month-end. However, desperate people are trying to find the Prisma app in Android app store and ending up with fake apps with same or similar names. Most of them has got around 1 star rating because of their uselessness. Most of the apps are only submitted to the Play Store to get some click on advertisements and earn some revenue for the spam developers.

Meanwhile, there are sites which also provides (claims to provide) Android APK file for the Prisma app so that any Android users can enjoy over 30 photo filters of the app. Since, we haven’t tried the unofficial version of the Prisma app on Android, we recommend our readers to stay away from such APK files, which could install malware on your smartphones. Since, only a few days left for the official launch, why take risks and install fake Prisma apps from either Play Store or unofficial APK packages?

Meanwhile, you can try your hands on similar apps like PicsArt, Photo Lab, Super Photo and Camera 360. Don’t install any application those are named as Prisma in the Google Play Store as for now. Those are fake apps and just spams.

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