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Uber just revamped its logos and branding

The famous American international mobile ride hail company Uber has finally decided to refresh the branding and changed the logos across its services and apps. Starting from today, if you update your Uber app, you will notice the “U” logo has been replaced by the “circle” kind of logo with a small square inside the circle.

Uber calls the “square” in the middle of the logo as “bit” which can be seen everywhere on Uber services and apps. If you notice the Uber Partner app, It’s a hexagon with a square “bit” in the middle. The firm wants to continue this “bit” theory throughout its current and future products, so that consumers can identify them as Uber products.

One of the future products could be a food delivery service – recently Uber has shown aggressiveness in this segment. Maybe the company wants to explore many categories as an additional service to its app-based ride service. And, we could see triangle, square, pentagon and other designs with a square “bit” in the middle of the logos for each of their new services.

Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick writes in the press release saying that the new refreshed Uber branding “celebrates our technology, as well as the cities we serve,” and gets rid of the stark black-on-white appearance in favor of muted colors that vary depending on region. “The team has spent months researching architecture, textiles, scenery, art, fashion, people and more to come up with authentic identities for the countries where Uber operates,” Kalanick says.

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