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Multiple accounts on Instagram iOS/Android apps coming soon to all users

Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ:FB) Instagram is testing the multiple accounts feature in its iOS app. The company has tested this feature on some Android users in the late-2015. That means, the much awaited feature will be rolled out to all users soon.

Once the company launches the multiple-accounts features to all users, you can login to your Instagram app with many accounts as you’ve got. This will be very useful for users who are managing their personal account as well as business accounts.

Meanwhile, many iOS users are using the multiple accounts on Instagram and Snapchat by a workaround on a jailbroken device. Chancely S., an iOS user said, “only reason I want to jailbreak right now is so that I can easily switch accounts on Instagram and Snapchat.”

Some users have access to the new feature, who can add additional accounts by going to the Settings menu through a new “Add Account” header. Switching between those accounts is very simple, like in Twitter apps. When you use multiple accounts in Instagram app, you will be having one more header which will show the notifications for Comments and Likes so that you can easily distinguish between the alerts of each account.

As the company has already tested the multiple account feature on Android devices, and now with iOS users, Instagram would be launching this feature to all users very soon.

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