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NASA discovers spider like formation on the dwarf planet, Pluto

NASA is all bewildered with Pluto, the ninth planet of the solar system until recently it was deemed the status of a dwarf one. Pluto the recently outcasted planet of the Solar System has kind of developed a reputation to string up surprises for the scientists on Earth.

The planet is already well known for the intriguing geographical features, has recently a revealed a spider like feature to the NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft. The icy spider has already taken the scientists to raise questions about the planet.

Pluto in the past has already raised a lot of attention of NASA as well as scientists all over the world with features like the frozen lake, the volcano of ice and the methane snowfall. The most recently added feature to the list shows six legs like lines coming out of a central point that looks very much like the spiders that we have on earth.

The image was taken by the New Horizons Spacecraft on July 14th, 2015. NASA recently released a much enhanced version of the image with an explanation. The legs that resemble a spider are of fractures on the surface of Pluto. The longest one is about 580 kilometers in length and has already been given the name of ‘Sleipnir Fossa’.

According to a statement by Oliver White, a member of the New Horizons Geology Team, “The pattern these fractures form is like nothing else we’ve seen in the outer solar system, and shows once again that anywhere we look on Pluto, we see something different.”

New Horizons started its exploration trip to Pluto in the year 2006 and has provided us with a lot of information about the dwarf planet. There are possible rumors that the journey for the New Horizons will be extended as the spacecraft will dig deep into the Kuiper belt.

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