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NASA accepts application for future Mars Mission

Does NASA plan to recruit an enthusiastic astronaut for their Mars mission? According to the reports, one of the new generation could get a chance in Mars journey.

This is a first class NASA gathered from the last four years. It’s feels unique to him/her, who joins in the Mars journey. For training, they can even get an opportunity to visit Johnson Space Center.

Jessica Meir says, “My dream was just to really get to space, I think the vision I’ve always had in my head is the feeling of looking down on the Earth,” Meir said. “You know you have everyone you’ve ever known, every place you’ve ever been, everything you have experienced all down there on this fragile blue planet below you.”

She visualized her dream to go Moon and now Mars. Before flying, astronaut need to attend a training session. She spends time on big blue water pool designed by NASA. It is the largest pool, which equals to 60 Olympic pools. In terms of water, the pool can hold six million gallons. Each and every astronauts need to spend time in the pool as a part of training.

We are not far from the mission, NASA started accepting application to astronaut class. Those who are planning to apply need to have a bachelor degree in Maths, science and engineering. If you are from military background can also take part in the next class of astronauts. These are the minimum eligibility for NASA’s Mars Mission.

Anne Roemer, astronaut selection manager says, “Certainly good communication skills, the ability to work successfully on a team, both as a leader and a follower.”

It’s very hard to live far from family, friends or loved one. The person one who gets the chance to go Mars needs be well prepared, I mean mentally.

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