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NASA’s Kepler Mission Confirms 100 Alien Planets

The world outside the solar system is unique, beautiful and it never fails to astonish us. There are still a lot of things that we do not know about the Universe, there are many entities that we have not discovered as of yet. NASA recently made an announcement stating that its Kepler Space Telescope has discovered 100 unknown planets.

The report is confirmed and was announced on Tuesday. The announcement was made during the 22ndmeeting of the American Astronomical Society on 5 January. This is yet another huge discovery with regard to search of other heavenly bodies outside our boundaries.

The reports about the findings have also validated the K2 mission of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. The reports suggest that during the first 5 days of the 80 day observation campaign, NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope identified approximately about 60,000 stars along with around about 7000 transit-like signals. During all the campaigns, the aim was to look at a completely different section of the sky and look to gather more information. The report clearly indicates that the observations approximately have only 1% chance of being negative.

Till date, NASA has approximately confirmed 1930 exoplanets out of the innumerable discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope. Around about 4696 are waiting a confirmation at present. Out of all the confirmed bodies, there are around 100 confirmed planets that make the list. Some of the planets are a part of the multiple planets orbit while some orbit around much bigger and brighter stars than our own.

According to the statement by NASA’s Tom Barclay from the Ames Research Center, “It’s probing different types of planets. We’re focusing on stars that are much brighter, the stars that are nearer by, stars that are easier to understand and observe from the Earth. The idea here is to find the best systems, the most interesting systems.” The Kepler Mission was initially launched in the year 2009.

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