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NEST thermostats shutting down in the middle of night due to software glitch

Last month, few NEST Thermostats owners were troubled in their sleep due to a bug in the software that drained the battery of the device. The battery drain eventually led to shutting down the device, which in turn meant no control or regulation of the temperature.

According to the reports, few of NEST thermostats suddenly stopped in the middle of the night. The user had set a certain temperature on the NEST thermostats to regulate, but things did not work out. In most of the cases, the users woke up only to find that the thermostat had stopped working. The temperatures read way below the mark that the users had set.

This is not a single instance recorded on the thermostat. In fact, such occurrences started off since NEST issued a software update last December. It is now that the company has finally accepted that this is an issue with the software. A bug that is draining out the battery of the device, eventually shutting down the device in the middle of the night.

According to the statement issued by NEST’s co-founder, Matt Rogers, the main trouble is with software that actually did not show up until early January this year. He also added that even the bug that is the point of consideration here did not actually start affecting the system until the initial two weeks of the software update.

NEST has also stated that for the time being, the issue has been resolved and everything will be back to normal the next time you go to sleep. NEST has also listed down a few common issues that you might just face and the things that you are needed to do in order to solve those issues. The article involving the issues and their solution is available on the support section of their website.

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