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From net 25000ft US Sky Diver jumps- without Parachute!

One human who was not known by anyone, has become so popular with his one effort and fearless horrible situation. Yes, American Luke Aikins is now the first person to jump from net 25000ft and that too without a parachute, with the luck of landing safely on the planet in a net.


The man Mr. Aikins already already has an 18000 jumps record under a swath. He brought up the opportunity himself to jump from a big height. His video was seen on Fox Television which shows the two minute sequence of the man who is 42 years. old and reached the destiny after jumping at a speed of 120mph.

Later on this horrible situation which he ought to face, what will be the next step to do? Obviously I will look at the mortal whom I love the most to tell them I am still alive. He behaved the same after the jump he hugged his wife and son.

His words says out that he is almost levitating, and it was unbelievable. Likewise he said that everything happened by chance, he did not have words to speak about it. Almost nearly he was about to cancel the jump as he was told to wear the parachute for safety an this would have made his landing more dangerous.

He remarked that this plan was in thoughts of him 2 years ago. This semester for Aikin will leap down with the world record of first highest jump without the parachute. But a message for all don’t try this without under supervision you are not Mr. Aikin.

Desire to do a parachute climbing do it, but under the guidance of the experts. No one recognizes when the tragedy can happen, no one knows when we can get away from our loved ones. But seriously salute to this human being.

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